Man who repeatedly hit girlfriend with hammer because he wanted her Facebook password sentenced to 16 months

Man who repeatedly hit girlfriend with hammer because he wanted her Facebook password sentenced to 16 months
(Source : Police Department)

A man has been jailed after he beat his girlfriend with a hammer in a bid to retrieve her Facebook password.

20-year-old Oscar Blackall broke down in tears when the judge told the court how he had become obsessed with knowing his girlfriend Alyshia Connorton's whereabouts at all times, Metro reports.

Judge Emma Knott told the Reading Crown Court how Blackall had become enraged when Connorton decided to watch a film by herself in a different room and proceeded to break her laptop by twisting it after losing his temper.

Furthermore, she revealed how Blackall had "repeatedly hit her with [a hammer] in a methodical manner" so that she would give up her Facebook login details.

"Each time you asked her to log in to Facebook so you could monitor her activity," she said. "Each time you hit her harder for your wholly unreasonable demand. By the time she was kicked she was curled up on the floor. Having been tortured enough she gave you the details and you were satisfied with what you saw and let her go but, unfortunately for you, you went to her place of work and started shouting at her and you were arrested."

"While it is right that you caused no fractures, the sustained assault with a hammer left bruising followed by kicking, effectively leaving the victim black and blue," Judge Nott added.

In Blackall's defense, his lawyer noted how there were "no serious injuries" from the attack and said that he had already served 55 days in custody.

However, the judge retorted saying "there was a multiplicity of injuries."

"It is a quite deliberate sustained assault with a hammer and he finished it with his feet," she said. "There was a multiplicity of injuries, how is it anything other than greater harm?"

"This beating mercifully did not cause anything other than soft tissue damage but she had to be checked at the hospital and given head injury advice, she was left with a headache unsurprisingly," the judge explained.

Connorton, however, wrote in a victim impact statement that Blackall was a "greatly intelligent, caring person with an incredibly bright future" and asked the judge to grant him a lenient punishment.


"We have been together for so many years. What he has done is completely wrong but I have no ill will towards him and I do believe he has taken responsibility for his actions," she said. "This said, he does need help. I would like him to receive anger management which is enough."

In the end, Blackall was handed a 16-month custodial sentence and a five-year restraining order.

"The fact that she had multiple injuries over her body means it is classified as greater harm but in any event, it is a clear prison sentence through her vulnerability at being in her own home and the sustained nature of the attack," the judge told Blackall.

"There are mitigating factors such as your previous good character and the fact that you are just 20-years-old so you have youth on your side, but I am not satisfied that you are truly remorseful for what you have done," she added.

Judge Knott said while the victim showed "her ongoing love for you" and "feels that you have been punished enough," the court had no choice but to discipline him.


"The court must sentence you for what you have done and the risk that you pose," she said. "Your use of the hammer in a menacing manner to get what you wanted shows great harm."

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