Man with bipolar disorder stabs four-year-old dog 100 times, slits his throat and stuffs remains in trash can

Jacob Bushkin was arrested for animal cruelty and killing a service animal on Thursday after he allegedly stabbed Cub, his dog, more than 100 times

                            Man with bipolar disorder stabs four-year-old dog 100 times, slits his throat and stuffs remains in trash can

Jacob Bushkin, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, was arrested for allegedly killing his Golden Retriever service dog. The 27-year-old man called his family members on Monday morning to inform them that his dog, Cub, was found dead at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. The dog's remains were found in the trash can by the family members who then took it to the veterinarian.

According to the report in Daily Mail, the veterinarian informed the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) and Scottsdale Police Department. Cub, Bushkin's dog was an Arizona State Qualified Service Animal. Once the custody of the dead dog was taken over by the AHS, they sent the remains to Midwestern University in Glendale for a necropsy (autopsy for animals).



The necropsy revealed that Cub was stabbed more than 100 times and that he was alive when the attack took place. The dog's throat was also slit during the attack.

The police statement revealed that Bushkin refused to speak to them and a search warrant was executed at his home, which is where the evidence of the crime was found. Following this, Bushkin was arrested on two charges — animal cruelty and killing a service animal — both felonies. The arrest took place at Bushkin's lawyer Ryan Tait's office. The report stated that Bushkin was off his medication for bipolar disorder when the incident occurred. 


Bushkin's lawyer refused to comment on the allegations made against their client. According to a report, Bushkin has denied the charge of killing the dog. The records also show that Bushkin repeated multiple times that he had not been taking his meds and also said that he had not slept in days. A former roommate was also questioned by the police and he confessed that he moved out because he was concerned. 

The police said, "The roommate also stated that he had many issues with Jacob and Jacob scared him with his bipolar and schizophrenic behavior." Additionally, the court record also states that Bushkin had previously stolen knives from his former roommate, which was found under his pillow. Bushkin is currently being held on a $300,000 bond. In case of bail, the police have requested the court to place Bushkin under psychological care. 

It is unclear as to why Bushkin had a service dog. Cub and Bushkin were alone at home when the incident took place.