Man accused of slashing girlfriend's back with knives and stamping on her found not guilty after claiming it was a result of 'rough sex'

Man accused of slashing girlfriend's back with knives and stamping on her found not guilty after claiming it was a result of 'rough sex'
(Source : Police Department)

A man who was accused of inflicting "savage" and "brutal" injuries on his girlfriend by slashing her back with knives and stamping on her claimed he only did so as a part of a "really weird sex game" and was acquitted of his charges.

Police were dispatched to the Pontnewydd Walk, Cwmbran residence of 26-year-old Kane Elliott on May 21 following a complaint from a neighbor had overheard him threatening his girlfriend Rhiannon Davies and telling her he would "get a butcher's knife and skin you alive," according to the Mirror.

On arrival, police found Elliott to be "very aggressive" and "frothing at the mouth," and yelling for them to get Davies, who was bleeding with two black eyes and swelling to her face, out of his apartment.

Davies told police that Elliott had cut her with a knife when she refused to do it herself and that he strangled her while she was lying on the floor. He denied the accusations and claimed she had done it to herself during "rough sex."

Speaking at his trial at the Cardiff Crown Court, prosecutor Meirion Davies said the attack could only be described as "savage" and "brutal," and that Elliott did not stop despite the victim begging for him to do so.

"She was begging him to stop," he said. "She tried to escape but was dragged back. She tried to deceive him, telling him she was pregnant. But he punched her to the stomach anyway. At one point when she was being strangled she felt like her eyes would pop out.'

Elliott denied the charges of wounding with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding and making a threat to kill, and once again insisted the injuries Davies sustained were a result of "rough sex."

He said they had been drinking heavily when the sex games began and that it soon turned violent. "Her idea was to involve the violence with the sex," he told the court. " She insisted on strangulation. She just wanted more and more and more."


"She slapped me across the face. I was not expecting her to hit me. I realized I was not enjoying it. I pushed her off and told her to stop," he continued. "I stopped and pushed her away but she was not happy. She went mad and started smashing up the flat."

He said he was knocked unconscious after she broke a wooden table and attacked him with one of its legs, and that when he came around, he saw blood and Davies playing with a knife.

After a week-long trial, a jury of six men and six women found Elliott not guilty after five hours of deliberation.


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 Man accused slashing girlfriend stamp found not guilty acquitted rough sex game