Mama June and Sugar Bear's custody spat over Alana Honey Boo Boo is getting profane

The custody battle between the former couple over their daughter took a terrible turn as Sugar bear went off at Mama June.

                            Mama June and Sugar Bear's custody spat over Alana Honey Boo Boo is getting profane

Reality TV seems to have become a little too real for this family. The slanging match between June Shannon and Sugar Bear from Mama June: From Not to Hot is getting quite ugly. 

The couple is battling over who gets custody of their baby girl, Alana Thompson, also known as Honey Boo Boo. Sugar Bear, in the previous episode of the show, fired at his ex. 

Sugar Bear and Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson. (Source: Getty Images)

You can watch the intensely profane video here.

In another chat, Sugar Bear reportedly said that he knew that his ex was trying to separate him from his daughter. "I knew June was going to try and keep me away from Alana...she’s trying to sabotage our relationship — it ain't gonna fly with me, it ain't gonna happen!" 

The other side of the story is quite the opposite. The mum and daughter duo say that there is more to Sugar Bear than meets the eye.

Alana told People, "He calls me every once in a while. He doesn't really call me that much, which is kind of sad because he’s supposed to be my father and I think if he's my father, you should call me more."

Mama June added to the story saying, that he has yet to prove his love for their daughter. "There's so much hurt from the past that has brought us to where we're at today, so honestly for me, he's got to show her — not me — that he wants to step up and be a father and that he wants to do what he needs to do."

She also revealed that Sugar Bear always made her feel like she was nothing at all. "He really made me feel like shit [and] I wanted to show him, 'Hey, I can do [whatever] I want to do'... I wanted to show him, like, I am actually worth it," she told Entertainment Tonight.

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