65-year-old Maine man killed on Thanksgiving by his own booby trap rigged at home to ward off burglars

Tired that authorities were not taking his reports of burglaries seriously, 65-year-old Ronald Cyr decided to take matters into his own hands and set up traps inside his home

                            65-year-old Maine man killed on Thanksgiving by his own booby trap rigged at home to ward off burglars
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VAN BUREN, MAINE: A Maine man died on Thanksgiving Day after he was fatally shot by a booby trap that he had set up inside his own home to ward off intruders.

The incident came to light after deputies from the Van Buren Police Department were dispatched to the St. Francis Avenue residence of 65-year-old Ronald Cyr in response to a 911 call from him reporting that he had been shot, according to a press release.

Officer Chandler Madore arrived at the scene with the Van Buren Ambulance Service and US Border Patrol and provided emergency medical assistance to Cyr. However, his injuries proved too grievous, and he succumbed to the gunshot wound at an area hospital.

While investigating the scene, officers discovered that the front door of the residence had been modified and outfitted with a device that was designed to fire a handgun at anyone who attempted to enter the door.

They were further alarmed when they discovered other "unknown devices" inside and notified the Maine State Police Bomb Squad, who arrived at the home to conduct a sweep and uncover any other possible traps.

Following an extensive investigation by the Maine State Police, the Maine State Police Bomb Squad, and the Van Buren Police Department that lasted into the early hours of the morning, it was determined that Cyr had been shot as the result of the unintentional discharge of one of his homemade devices.

Two of Cyr's siblings, Mark and Lorraine, told The Guardian that their brother's home had been targeted by burglars quite often and that the 65-year-old had complained that items such as tools and car painting supplies had gone missing.

They said he had reported the incidents to authorities but that he had been treated like "he was senile." Mark revealed, "He was afraid" and added, "the cops wouldn't do nothing so he took matters [into his own hands]."

The siblings said Cyr had tried using fences and security cameras previously but eventually turned to use traps a few years ago. "We were not in favor of him doing that because he wasn’t used to guns – really, that was not his forte – but he was so frustrated," Lorraine said.

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