Maggie's Tinder date may help mend many broken hearts

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy will see Maggie's and Clive's second date and his scrutiny by her sisters.

                            Maggie's Tinder date may help mend many broken hearts

Relationships haven't been on Maggie's card ever since her arrival at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Exclusive clip from Thursday's episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' hints that Maggie's Tinder date, Clive, has successfully managed to score a second date with her and he will be closely inspected by her "sisters" on their second.

After her weird fling with DeLuca and her unrequited crush on Nathan, she seems to have found someone who may give her a romantic stability. Fans have cited that Clive will serve to be a major distraction from Jackson, who happens to be her step-brother and she wasn't even aware who her father was until recently, so the chemistry can be pardoned.  

The fans were also quick to spot that the chemistry between Maggie and Jackson seemed pretty forced. To the rescue comes this new man, Clive, who may not only save Maggie from her stagnant love life but also help Jackson find his way back to April.

Maggie apparently swiped right on Clive a few weeks ago and seems to have formed the notion of a nice man. After swiping right and setting a Tinder date, Maggie forgot about the date after a long day of work and was surprised when Clive arrived to pick her up.

Now we see that she's even ready to introduce him to some of her friends and family. As suspicious, Maggie's sisters are about Clive, they prepare to put Clive under the radar and judge him if he's good enough for her and not the "serial killer." Amelia and Meredith plan this with a casual game night and chances her, it could either be a disaster or a hilarious episode.

If Clive successfully handles the scrutiny, he could prove that he's in this for the long haul. However, their scrutiny would mean a lot to Maggie since they are all her sisters by blood and marriage. It's about time for love to find it's way in the halls and walls of the hospital. 

However, one notion has been established that surgeons don't only date other surgeons, despite what Shonda Rhimes may have us believe, and Jackson and Maggie do seem like a pretty random pairing. Everyone is hoping for Clive to save the day. 


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