Madonna, since the beginning of her career, has taken it upon herself to shock the world off its very foundations. From her fashion choices to her music videos the popstar has always been unpredictable in her approach to things. 

The singer has caused quite a stir yet again after she posted a strange looking Instagram selfie with nothing but her fedora and silver chain on.   

The 59-year-old only had a silver chain that says Mambo around her neck and rocked her black fedora on her head.  She captioned the photo "Sunday Bloody Sunday," followed by hands clasped in prayer emoji. 

(Source: Instagram)

The picture has an unusual blue filter and Madonna seems to be in front of her dressing table as she snapped the photo. She is wearing a fuschia pink lip color and clumpy mascara along with some glitter eyeshadow. Her golden tresses are on her left shoulder, open under her hat. 

Her 10.8 million Instagram followers seemed freaked out with comments that read, "Madonna are you OK?" and "What did you do your mouth?" asked another. Some wondered why it was labeled scandalous, "Hell they said this was a topless scandalous makeup picture! I see no boobs so how’s it scandalous?"

Two weeks ago, the Material Girl singer had posted another bizarre Instagram video. This time, she was getting a facial with cutlery.  

"Skillets Forks My Face," she captioned the video that featured an animated filter. She can be heard saying in the video, "Tightening your face with a fork and stabbing someone with a fork, I've done both," she joked.

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