Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner demands compensation and apology from prison guards who broke his ribs

The convicted rapist began the scuffle after 'throwing a tantrum' in his cell

                            Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner demands compensation and apology from prison guards who broke his ribs
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The prime suspect in the abduction and murder of Madeleine McCann allegedly wants "compensation and an apology" after suffering broken ribs in an attack. Christian Brueckner was allegedly attacked last week by officials. An insider told Sun Online, “He is refusing to let this lie. He wants the authorities to say sorry and he wants compensation for the injuries he sustained. The guards in charge of him inside think he is just trying to stir up trouble and play system."

As reported earlier by MEA Worldwide, Brueckner was declared the suspect in the missing case of Madeleine earlier this year. The three-year-old vanished from a Portuguese resort in May 2007 while vacationing with her family. It has been said that the convicted rapist began the scuffle after "throwing a tantrum'' in his cell. He allegedly smudged it with yogurt and blocked the toilet with a toilet paper roll. But he was allegedly attacked at the Braunschweig courthouse, where he had appeared for a parole hearing in his first public appearance. A source at the courthouse said, “He got angry at being filmed and complained. He reacted angrily and when he refused to put the shackles on there was a more violent tussle and he hurt himself.''

Brueckner’s lawyer Friedrich Fulscher told Sun Online that his client had suffered serious injuries after "dirtying" his cell. He also said that a formal complaint has been filed. However, a source said Brueckner “has made one thing crystal clear - he wants someone to pay for what happened.” Reports also stated that the scuffle between officials and the criminal was shot by a female official. “[Christian B] believes this footage was deleted as it would have shown the officers assaulting him. He thinks the woman should be made to come forward and at least say what she saw on oath,” another insider added.

Earlier in November stated that a leaked memo disclosed that Madeleine’s investigators have “no evidence, just speculation” Brueckner was behind the disappearance of the little girl years ago. An officer of the Policia Judiciaria said, “There is no evidence, just speculation. When reading the German case I was shocked. I never thought that the BKA would investigate so badly. It is not a serious and objective investigation, but only just to keep the suspect in prison at all costs. The meeting was to get the point of the situation, the BKA wants to investigate the other two cases of possible sexual harassment so that the suspect does not leave prison until the end of the year and they will drop the suspect.''

Before that, it was reported that German investigators were planning to go to Praia Da Luz to prove Brueckner the kidnapper and killer of Madeleine. A source said, “German officers believe there are areas of the investigation into [Christian B] and his time in Portugal which would benefit from having boots on the ground. Most specifically there are unanswered questions about [Christian B's] movements in the days and weeks after [Madeleine] vanished. German officers also think witnesses still living in Portugal could hold vital clues. They’d be devastated to close the case on this investigation without going over to the Algarve and turning over every stone they can.”

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