If there's one thing that doesn't really work well online, it would be sarcasm. Mark Hamill, legendary light-saber wielder and professional twitter troll hunter, managed to freak out his fans when he posted a fake obituary announcing his...wellbeing.

The Star Wars actor posted a picture of himself that was captioned with his birth year and the current year, along with the words "alive and well".

Mr. Hamill, NO ONE is going to look at the alive and well part! This confusion led to a lot of meltdowns on the internet. Fans did not want to believe that the legendary Luke Skywalker had passed away.

However, fans soon caught on to their own confusion and gave Mark a piece of their mind.

To be fair, many Star Wars fans would be intensely heartbroken f the world lost the legend that played Luke Skywalker. Carrie Fisher's passing away was deeply mourned by fans. Mark has since confirmed that he is not dead, and is alive and well.

Mark also replied to his tweets in a typical Hamill-esque manner.

Mark loves being vocal about his beliefs and stances. He has actively berated Donald Trump's presidency and often takes to social media to express his distaste. Mark's sarcastic tweets often do get the right attention. Just not this one! But keep the good fight going Jedi!

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