Gay man pretended to be a woman on his wedding day so that husband's parents could hide their son's sexuality

Roy Singh, 29, who was forced to marry his husband dressed as a woman, says he was treated 'worse than Cinderella', made to work 18 hours a day by his in-laws

                            Gay man pretended to be a woman on his wedding day so that husband's parents could hide their son's sexuality

A gay man says he was forced to dress as a woman on his wedding day to not embarrass his husband’s family.

Roy Singh, 29, married his husband dressed as a woman. If that wasn't ban enough, he was asked by his in-laws to keep the pretense going even after the ceremony because they were struggling to accept the fact that their son was gay.

Roy, who hails from Manchester, recently spoke to Mirror and said that he met his future ­husband when he was 18 at a family wedding. "He started singing love songs to me and told me I had a beautiful smile. Later, he made a move and we kissed.”

They started dating in secret as Roy was afraid his Sikh family would disown him if they found out. Two years later, Roy's partner asked him to marry him and he thought that he is going to get his very own "fairytale love story.”

However, days later, Roy met his mother-in-law who said he was very "good-looking and her son had chosen well". She then told him that she comes from a big Indian family and that "there’s a lot of honor involved." She asked him to marry her son dressed as a woman and pretend to be a woman for a while to convince the community that her son isn’t gay.

Roy Singh (Facebook)
Roy Singh (Facebook)

"I was gobsmacked. I thought, ‘How did that even come into her head?’ She had even brought a basket of women’s clothes and gold bracelets with her," Roy explained. But he was so in love with his man that he agreed to this baffling arrangement. 

"I knew it was going to be difficult, us being together, as LGBTQ isn’t talked about in the Asian community," he said. "I hadn’t even told my own family. But I just wanted to be with him and I would have done anything."

Roy's parents had no idea he was getting married as he had lied that he was moving to London for work. He moved in with his in-laws who he said would take him shopping for the ­wedding and get what they wanted. "She never asked what I wanted. She chose everything. I couldn’t even pick the date. She just asked for money so I sold my brand new car and gave her £9,000 to pay for it all."

Roy Singh (Facebook)
Roy Singh (Facebook)

During the wedding at the family’s house, the in-laws said that Roy was a widow and an orphan so she had no guests. Dressed as a woman, Roy fooled about 450 guests. "This was supposed to be the best day of my life — it was the worst day of my life," he said. 

The next day, Roy was told he would be called Lucky henceforth and was not allowed to be seen without high-heels, full make-up, and jewellery. Roy said he was treated "worse than Cinderella". He was made to work 18 hours a day doing demeaning domestic chores. He was criticized for over-salting food and claimed he was once locked in a cupboard as a punishment.

Despite cooking three meals a day, he was not allowed to eat and that affected his health. He and his husband started to argue frequently.

Roy’s own parents found out about his marriage through social media and disowned him. Nine months later, Roy decided to leave his husband and in-laws; "Sometimes, I would look at myself in the ­mirror and think, ‘Who is this person looking back at me?’ I wanted to rip the clothes and wig off. I was dying inside."

Roy eventually left with nowhere to go and ended up in a homeless shelter. Four months later, he tried to kill ­himself after he found out his husband was set to marry a woman. "We would still have ­conversations on the phone and I would cry for him. But he told me he had to marry someone else — and he did it while he was still married to me."

After the news, Roy wore his wedding outfit and went down to the river and slashed his wrists but was rescued when a passer-by dragged Roy from the water and took him to a hospital. His parents came and took him home. 

As of today, Roy performs in drag as ‘Miss Lucky’ in a bid to reclaim his identity. He has also penned a book titled 'Take a Walk in My Big Indian Heels.'