Lorde geeks out over Incredibles 2 trailer: 'I've waited half my life for this!'

The pop star took to Twitter to express her excitement at the trailer of 'The Incredibles 2' which sis set to release this June.

                            Lorde geeks out over Incredibles 2 trailer: 'I've waited half my life for this!'

As we reported earlier, after nearly 13 years since the release of 'The Incredibles', Pixar has finally decided that it's time to roll out a sequel. Everybody’s favorite animated undercover super-family will return to uphold their heroic duties once again on June 15 in The Incredibles 2 and fans got to see a first glimpse of the newest Disney/Pixar flick when a teaser trailer surprise-dropped during NBC's Winter Olympics broadcast on Valentine’s night.

Surprisingly, one of the most excited Incredibles fans is New Zealand pop star Lorde. The "Green Light" singer immediately hit Twitter to unabashedly express her excitement over a flurry of excited tweets and she wasn’t kidding either.


The two-time Grammy winner was just seven years old when the first Incredibles came out, as her eighth birthday was two days after the animated film's November 5, 2004 release. Now at 21, it seems Lorde is just as stoked, if not more, for the second part of the heroic family's story.

Understandably, a horde of Lorde’s fans started sending in their responses to her excited tweet, and one lucky fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @jasminecantfly lucked out when she replied saying they should attend a midnight premiere together. To her utter disbelief, the 'Royals' hitmaker agreed.  

After Lorde's reply, the starstruck fan sent to ecstatic tweets in all capitals exclaiming:

Lorde replied to another fan to gush about the character Violet, leading to yet another fan pointing out how much they look alike.

'The Incredibles 2' sees the beloved superhero family dealing with day-to-day 'normal' life before a new villain's brilliant and dangerous scheme forces them to work together again. Watch the teaser trailer below:

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