Remember Little Ant and Dec, who made way into Britain's heart with their cheeky questions and adorable personalities? Well, they are not so little anymore and they won't stand being called so either. The mini-mes of the UK's favorite presenting duo Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have called it quits and will no longer be a part of ITV's Saturday Night Takeaway

The new season of the Saturday Night Takeaway will premiere in March, but Neil Overend, popularly known as Little Ant and Haydn Reid, best known by Little Dec will be glaringly absent from it. Reports suggest that they have “outgrown their mini-me roles” and decided they want to focus on their education following the finale event of last season. 

Neil Overend and Haydn Reid (Twitter)

The adorable duo has been around since 2013 and it will be difficult for us fans to get used to their departure. However, most of us respect their choice, especially considering Haydn is preparing for his SATS next year. Meanwhile, Neil is moving on to high school and needs to focus on that.  

Neil and Haydn are not the first generation of Little Ant and Dec. They had taken over the roles of the first mini-me's James Pallister and Dylan McKenna-Redshaw, who had played the roles from 2003 – 2013. They had relinquished the duties of being cheeky on camera after they too outgrew the "little" title.  

Two generations of little Ants and Decs (Twitter)

Neil and Haydn were chosen after an Apprentice-style elimination process. However, there will be no more little Ants and Decs on the show, ITV has confirmed. The adult versions, will, of course, continue with their own shenanigans.  

The retirement of the second Little Ant and Dec reportedly aligns with the massive format changes that are predicted to happen within the show from next season. Fans, however, are not taking well to the departures and have expressed their sadness online:  





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