Shirtless Liam Payne photographed with female team member in hotel balcony amid breakup rumors

Liam Payne was recently pictured with a female member amid the speculation that he and Cheryl have called it quits with their relationship.

                            Shirtless Liam Payne photographed with female team member in hotel balcony amid breakup rumors

For a long time, the relationship between Cheryl and Liam Payne has been giving rise to speculation that the two are about to call it quits. Recently, the singer was photographed hanging out with one of his female team members. The two seemed to be all about smiles and giggles as Liam showed his toned body while the two hung out on the balcony of his Miami hotel. 

Liam Payne photographed shirtless with the mystery woman. (Source: Twitter)

Switching from a pair of long white sports, Liam decided to slip into a pair of tight black boxers. This time Liam was seen looking at his phone but his expression seemed to tell a different tale. Just a couple of weeks back, The Sun had reported that his relationship with Cheryl was on a verge of breaking and while standing on the balcony alone, the singer looked quite distressed. 

Throughout the time that Liam was standing on the balcony, he could be seen distracted and stressed about whatever was on his phone while smoking a cigarette. One could say that the Bedroom Floor singer looked rather lost in thought while staring at his phone. Liam and Cheryl have been fighting hard to dismiss the rumors about a possible split. 

The couple was recently spotted together at the BRIT awards. During the event, Cheryl was cheerful as she watched Liam perform on stage along with Rita Ora. At the same time, the couple also spilled some details about their wild sex life when asked about it during the show. 

Liam looked tensed while standing on the balcony with his phone (Twitter)

However, sources told The Sun that things were different behind the scenes. According to the source, the couple barely spoke to each other throughout the event. "Everyone was staring at them and they were both surrounded by their massive entourages," the source said. "They barely spoke when they were waiting backstage - occasionally, Cheryl would whisper into Liam's ear, but they were mainly speaking to the people around them.”

The tabloid also revealed that the pair spent the night apart from each other after Brit awards. Liam reportedly headed to a £69-a-night Heathrow hotel even though he and Cheryl share a home which is just 30 minutes away from the airport. While Liam is now returning back to London, it has been reported that Cheryl has asked her staff to look for estate agents in order to find her a new home. 

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