Liam Gallagher denies robbing Richard Madeley's house and taking a dump in neighbor's bath

After being accused of burglary by TV presenter Richard Madeley and the outlandish accusation of defecating in his former neighbor's bathtub, the former Oasis singer sets the record straight on Twitter.

                             Liam Gallagher denies robbing Richard Madeley's house and taking a dump in neighbor's bath

Liam Gallagher might be a certified bad boy of rock, but it looks like even the former Oasis singer draws the line somewhere. 

The younger of the Gallagher brothers has now publicly denied robbing TV presenter Richard Madeley’s house, after Madeley claimed that his home was burgled by the Gallagher brothers in the 1990s. The former 'This Morning' star was discussing Liam’s victory at the VO5 NME Awards 2018 last month (where he picked up the Godlike Genius award) when he made the claims.

“Him and his brother used to live quite close to us when we used to live in Manchester,” Madeley said on Good Morning Britain. “They admitted in the early stages of their career they did a little bit of robbery, a little bit of burglary and we think they did our house.”

Madeley added: “I spoke to them about it, and we spoke about it, it was many years ago and they’ve probably forgotten about it now and they said ‘Yeah I think we did that one yeah, I think we did that one, went in through the window yeah’”. Liam was also in the tabloids over the weekend, accused of 'taking a poo' in his former neighbor, Gladys Tomlinson's bathtub - which was sensationalized in an 'exclusive' piece in the pages of The Sunday Sport. 

Now, Liam has spoken out on Twitter to deny Madeley’s claim and set the record straight. He also went on to deny the outlandish accusation of defecating in his elderly neighbor’s bathtub.  

In the same tweet, Liam also confirmed that "Berlin is on," after being forced to cancel a show in Cologne on doctor’s orders over the weekend due to a bout of sinusitis.

When asked his opinion of Madeley and wife Judy Finnigan, Gallagher added: 

Liam, who is no stranger to being in the controversial spotlight, recently caused a Twitter storm when he compared his brother Noel Gallagher and his wife Sara to Fred and Rose West. The former Oasis star made the controversial comparison on Twitter last week following reports Sara had wished him dead. He also branded her a 'witch' and blamed her for the band splitting up in 2009 in an incendiary string of tweets.

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