Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie Green on AMC's The Walking Dead has signed on for a lead role in an ABC drama. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the actress has signed on for ABC's drama pilot Whiskey Cavalier.

Lauren has signed up for ABC's new pilot show. (Getty)

Lauren is playing CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge, who goes by the codename Fiery Tribune. She finds herself partnered up with Will Chase who is played by Scott Foley. Will is an FBI agent who goes by the codename Whiskey Cavalier.

Lauren is going to be appearing alongside Scott Foley on ABC's new pilot drama titled Whiskey Cavalier. (Getty)

The Walking Dead has been renewed for its 9th season, and it looks like Lauren Cohen hasn't signed any contracts as yet. So what does this mean for her character Maggie Green? The actress could possibly return for season 9 under a limited capacity.

But if AMC wants to cement Maggie Green's storyline, they have to get some sort of a deal going with Lauren.

Deadline previously reported that the actress was stepping down from her role as Maggie Green after a pay gap dispute. Lauren had sought parity with her male co-stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, who are paid significantly more than all of their female colleagues. Looks like the actress is heading towards greener pastures. 

The Walking Dead returns on February 25 on AMC.

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