'Did you have Covid?' Trump trolled for misinterpreting Latino woman whose mom died of breast cancer

POTUS came under fire when he misinterpreted a voter and assumed that her mother died from Covid-19 while she actually died from breast cancer

                            'Did you have Covid?' Trump trolled for misinterpreting Latino woman whose mom died of breast cancer
Donald Trump and Flor Cruceta (ABC News/ Twitter)

President Donald Trump is facing some tough questions these days as the race for the presidential elections is getting heated by the day. POTUS faced uncommitted voters in a 90-minute Town Hall special hosted by ABC News from the state of Pennsylvania on September 15. ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos anchored the event called 'The President and the People'. The forum provided a chance to uncommitted voters to directly ask questions on various issues affecting them as Americans. This included questions on Covid-19, economic recovery, citizenship rights, immigration and racial justice.

However, what grabbed a lot of attention at the event was how Trump responded to a voter's question on the path to citizenship and how he misunderstood the reason behind her mother's death. A woman named Flor Cruceta, who immigrated from the Dominican Republican and lives in Pennsylvania, said she has never voted as she just became a US citizen. Fighting back tears, she shared with POTUS that her mother died from breast cancer last month but always dreamt to become a citizen and vote. However, Trump seems to have misinterpreted the cause of her mother's death.

Donald Trump and George Stephanopoulos (ABC News/ Twitter)

"She had breast cancer but it made metastasis on her brain, bone and lungs," Cruceta told the president about her mother. "She passed on the 19th. One of her biggest dreams was to become a citizen to vote. And she did (become a citizen), 10 days before she died. And I did it, too. She pushed me so hard to do it, and I did it this past 28th." She added, "I'm here because of her. She was supposed to be here and ask you and thank you for this — if they should take — during this epidemic, you made people closer. We lost our jobs but we learned how to love our family. So I'm saying that from her."

Further, she asked POTUS, on behalf of her late mother, about what he's going to do in order to better the country's path to citizenship. "Her question for you was — because she wrote this question: What will you do for our immigration system? What will you change to make more people, like me and like her, become citizens and vote?"

To this, Trump replied, "We are doing something with immigration that I think is going to be very strong, because we want people to come into our country, people like you. And like your mother." Misinterpreting her mother’s condition who actually died from breast cancer and not Covid-19, Trump said, "And that just shows how vicious the Covid is, especially when you have another problem you have a heart problem or another type of a problem. And it's a very sad story."

He added, "I mean as far as your situation with your mother is just devastating because I can imagine how you feel and sounds like a great woman and I'll tell you she, she — and I can, I'm pretty good with people — she gave us a great daughter, a great child." He then goes on to add, "Did you have Covid? You didn't have it right? Your mother." Then Trump said how his administration is taking care of the pandemic without realizing that the question was centered around citizenship. "We’ll have it taken care of. It’s going to get taken care of. The vaccines are going to make a big difference."

ABC News further tweeted her video.


Who is Flor Cruceta?

Flor Cruceta's Facebook page mentions she studied at Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago better-known as Santiago University of Technology. It is a private, coeducational university located in the Dominican Republic. In her Instagram bio, Flor Cruceta mentions that she is a make-up artist and influencer. This is also evident from her profile pictures on Instagram where she is seen wearing makeup. Her bio further states she is into PR cosmetics and does promotions for brands. 

Internet says Trump blabbed

As soon as he responded to Cruceta's query, Trump was slammed by the Internet for not listening properly. Some said his dementia is out of control. Others alleged maybe he is bad with accents. A user wrote, "The woman who told you her mother died OF BREAST CANCER and you babbled on about COVID. Your Dementia is out of control!!! #DementiaDon When you aren’t at your Rallys talking crap to your MAGAts and talking to real people with issues you made a fool of yourself! #TrumpTownHall." 


Another user mocking him wrote, "@POTUS By the way. Her mother died of breast cancer (as she clearly said) but you inferred that it was COVID. Maybe you're just bad with accents, (unless they are Russian). slow, washed up, losing hearing, or 'sleepy' while on those ‘PEDs’." Another slammed Trump saying he rambled, "Your guy couldn't even remember that the woman died of breast cancer for 2 f***in minutes. He rambled about COVID instead." A user joked about the incident and ridiculed Trump. "Her mother died of breast cancer and here Trump goes off on Covid - 'did you have it too?' Her question must have been too long - look squirrel, the lady was like."




However, some came in his support and said he was sympathetic to the woman. "He did answer the question, it's just not what you want to hear, he was also sympathetic. She was not allowed to be at her side, hospitals make those decisions that include every race, not fair when so many attended Floyd's funeral & no restrictions, double standard?" Another concurred, "He answered her question saying we want more legal emigrants like her and her mother, he was very empathetic and did his best to comfort and assure her. He praised her mother for raising such a wonderful daughter! He also said very soon he would have updates on emigration policy." 



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