LA Sheriff’s Department parties without masks at Sassafras Saloon, Angry Internet says ‘take their license away’

The men, without any masks on, identify themselves with their names and say they 'don’t have a temperature' before attending the party

                            LA Sheriff’s Department parties without masks at Sassafras Saloon, Angry Internet says ‘take their license away’
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The members of the Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department reportedly threw a party at the nightclub, Sassafras Saloon, in Hollywood on Friday, July 31. They were allegedly caught on camera by the KNOCK-LA reporters who have shared a couple of footage of the event on social media.

The bar has been shut since March 15 following the coronavirus outbreak like all the other restaurants and food chains that have mandated to be closed and comply with the safety protocols. However, the place allegedly witnessed a party take place around 8 pm on Friday. According to the reports, “KNOCK.LA reporters observed party arrivals looking around cautiously as they exited their vehicles before ducking inside the club via a side entrance on La Mirada.” One of the videos shared by the website on Twitter shows an undercover reporter posing as someone working at the party asking the arrivals if they have come for the LASD party, to which many respond saying “yes”.





The men even identify themselves with their names and say they “don’t have a temperature” without any masks on. A few more footages see loud music blasting from the building. According to reports, a board next to the “discreet entrance” read “Happy Birthday”. The report further suggests that they received information about a few employees of the bar being asked to “work an event for the LASD that expected around 100 guests”. When the publication contacted LASD Public Information Officer for a comment on the same, they reportedly said, “We are unaware of any sanctioned parties that were occurring in the Hollywood area on Friday and I can’t comment any further at this time.”

As the footage started making rounds on the Internet, people took to Twitter to condemn LASD’s behavior, calling them out for not complying with the government’s guidance. Slamming the club for permitting the event and allegedly cleaning the place in the preparation for the same, one wrote on Twitter who, "I received reports that @LAHomeless staff were present for the "clean-up" that occurred at this location ahead of the party. This was schedule as a CARE visit in CD 13. Cool, cool. Glad to know that outreach workers are branching out as cop party preppers."



LA County Sherrif denied any such occurrence through a tweet a few hours ago on its official account. It read, "Last night LASD was made aware of a video from "Knock LA", alleging members of the Department attending a "party" in Hollywood. The persons identified in the video are not employees of the Sheriff's Department and this event was not hosted by the LASD."



KNOCK LA reporters, however, have established that they've "confirmed" the fact that a party did take place in Hollywood and it consisted of LASD members. They shared the below video and wrote, "We found out the LA's Sheriff's Department (@LASDHQ) was having a party tonight at @SassafrasHW in Hollywood. Several men we believe to be deputies identified themselves by name and verbally confirmed they were attending an LASD function."



Some of the Internet users who are convinced that the LASD members partied amid the pandemic are seen demanding a ban on the license. "Maybe California Dept. Alcoholic Beverage Control should take their license away?" read a tweet. 





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