Say goodbye to Snapchat, everybody. Social media star Kylie Jenner made her return to all social media platforms recently after the birth of her daughter but there is one site that has not seen any activity from her.

Kylie was practically known as the Queen of Snapchat for a while but she has admitted that the app is dead in her eyes and she doesn't even open it anymore.

Queen of social media (Getty Images)

Just like a plant withers and dies if it doesn't get enough nourishment from sunlight, Snapchat is not slowly withering because it's main source of nourishment, Jenner, is now not active on the platform.

"Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad," she wrote in a tweet.

She added her own little eulogy for the app after that saying: 

The app was known for a while to be the platform that all the young people of the world preferred to use but not anymore. The app hasn't even hit a double-digit yet in age and now the makers have almost sunk themselves because of new updates.

Fans have been adamant about liking only the old interface and have made it very clear on all other platforms about how annoyed they are. Jenner is probably one of those users who just doesn't like the new app.

If Kylie doubts the app, 24.5million other people doubt it too (Getty Images)

Snapchat seems to be on the losing side of this deal because Jenner has about 24.5 million followers and she practically owns every social media app she touches.

The app has worked with the influencer in the past for her to broadcast exclusive videos to their app and give fans everywhere little insights into her life. 

Earlier in February, Jenner herself tweeted about how she thought Snapchat was on its final run as a site for her saying: "Mm just saw the new Snapchat…I don’t know how I feel about it! What do you guys think?" 

Kylie Jenner should probably be hired as Snapchat's new UI/UX designer as she clearly knows what's good for the app and what's just not working for them.

The socialite seems too busy with her new baby daughter anyway to keep her fans on Snapchat updated anyway but at least we all still have Twitter, right?

Kylie Jenner (Pinterest)

‘She’s good 😊 still staring at her all day. she looks just like me when i was a baby.’ 


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