Kylie Jenner's separation anxiety from Stormi is eating into her love life with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner, a first-time mom has turned her life around after the birth of her daughter Stormi. The lip-kit mogul has even refused to create some alone time with boyfriend Travis.

                            Kylie Jenner's separation anxiety from Stormi is eating into her love life with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner has always wanted to be a mom, or that's what her friends said in the video "To Our Daughter" which released soon after Stormi Webster's birth. And Ky's friends may just have made an accurate observation about the lip-kit mogul. Ky, who is experiencing motherhood for the first time, has changed her life in order to accommodate her lil one.

The reality TV star isn't ready to be separated from her daughter just yet and she's even refused boyfriend Travis Scott's various attempts to get her out of the house. The Butterfly Effect rapper reportedly wants to have a date night with his baby mama but she doesn't think a night on the town is what she needs right now. "Kylie’s priorities have really shifted over the past nine months, she’s matured a lot, and her focus now is on being a mom and working hard to provide for her daughter," a source said.

Kylie Jenner with her daughter, Stormi Webster. Source: Instagram

Sure, Ky was spotted on a drive with best friend Jordan Woods a few days ago but perhaps just a short drive away from home is all that she wants of the outside world. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who partied it up with her friends and ex Tyga earlier, doesn't want that life anymore. The source added, "Right now Kylie isn’t missing going out and partying, at all. She’s so in love with Stormi that she can’t even entertain the thought of leaving her with someone else, even if it’s only for a few hours," according to Hollywood Life.

Travis Scott performed at the NBA's All Stars weekend a few days ago. Source: Instagram

We think Travis may just have to wait a while longer before Ky is ready to step out again. And it feels like he's doing that already. Travis went solo when he performed at the NBA's All-star weekend. According to another Hollywood Life article, the 25-year-old rapper has changed a lot since he's become a dad to baby Stormi. A source said the Houston native is experiencing a range of "emotions" since Stormi's birth. "He’s incredibly protective over Stormi and his heart melts whenever he sees her," the source added. 


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