The Bachelor's Krystal Nielson talks about being labelled a 'sociopath' on the show

Krystal talks about the negative attention she got after the show and about people labeling her as a villain on the show.

                             The Bachelor's Krystal Nielson talks about being labelled a 'sociopath' on the show

Not everyone was a fan of Krystal Nielson on The Bachelor and they did not spare a second to make that loud and clear. Often being categorized as the biggest villain in the house, Krystal might have made a few enemies on the show but as they say, everything is fair in love and TV reality shows.

Krystal says she does not mind being labeled as the villain (Twitter)

In a recent interview with E!, the personal trainer from San Diego opened up about how she felt when one of the most discussed topics of Sunday night's Women Tell All revolved around her actions on the show.

While Krystal personally did not mind being labeled as everyone's No. 1 enemy, she did mention that the image she portrayed on screen impacted her personal life once she left the house. 

Krystal mentioned that she was subjected to various negative comments on social media and it has been hard for her to deal with it. 

"I've never been put in this position to be so publicly criticized for my actions and my character and it got to me," the 29-year-old confessed. 

She later confessed in the interview that the criticism impacted her to such an extent that she had to take a break and give herself time to come to terms with how people were reacting. 

"I took a month off from work after filming. I couldn't be who I needed to be for people to empower them because I was so disempowered myself. It was really tough," she said. 

She confessed that she had forgiven people for the words they used to describe her (Twitter)

Unfortunately, the other girls did not show any sympathy towards Krystal, and never seen before footage from the show shows her cursing all the girls with the c-word.

Meanwhile, Caroline Lunny even used the word "sociopath" in order to describe Krystal's behavior. But she does not seem to be too upset about it and said, "People were upset and I feel and understand. I say s--ty things when I was heated and upset. Like, I get it...I'm a rainbow of emotions, I'll own it!" 

As for Caroline, she did explain why she felt that way about Krystal. "People who help us behind the scenes, she wasn't so nice to them either," Caroline said in the interview.

"I feel like I had had all this built up. These people are my friends and you do not speak like that. She's a little nutty!" Meanwhile, Tia Booth seems to have accepted Krystal for who she is as she said, " "That's just Krystal and I've accepted it. Maybe she learned a little bit from watching the show!"


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