Kim Kardashian is a woman of her words and when she says that she is "over" something, you can expect her to change it. Recently, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star had told her fans that she was "over" her blonde her and it was a matter of a day when Kim introduced her new hair color - PINK! 

Kim Kardashian decided to go blonde (Twitter)

While showing off her new color to her fans, Kim shared a snap asking her fans, "Hey guys, do you like my new pink hair?" She then shared a second picture in which she showed her new locks while playfully sticking out her tongue. Many people believed that the reality star was wearing a wig because the last time she was photographed with colored hair (blue), it happened to be a wig. 

However, Kim was quick to shut that out by writing on her Twitter, "I don’t really do wigs. It’s real." Previously, Kim first debuted her platinum blonde locks during New York Fashion Week back in September and since then her hair has gone through plenty of changes. 

Over the years her hair had gone through various changes (Twitter)

To begin with, the reality star first chopped it into a sharp bob, then decided to go back to extensions and even tried to alter her hair color but never wait back to her original color, brunette. Meanwhile, most of her fans thought that she would return to her roots as she had often teased about going back to her natural color. 

She even posted a series of throwback photos before she went blonde. “Dark hair for the new year?” she captioned one shot. While there is no doubt that Kim is rocking this new look, we believe there is going to be one family member who is going to miss that blonde hair and it is none other than Kim's husband, Kanye West. 

After all, it was Kanye who had pushed Kim to go ahead and try the blonde look again after she had tried it for a brief period back in 2013. “Kanye likes the blonde,” Kardashian told PEOPLE in 2014. “I was talking about this yesterday actually with Kanye. He asked if I would ever go back to blonde,” she said.“I always ask his opinion on everything and he always helps me put together my looks,” she added. 

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