Video shows Colorado mother shopping with her baby hours before she mysteriously disappeared; parents express concern

On November 25, three days after she disappeared, police say her cellphone pinged near Idaho, nearly 700 miles away. That same day, she apparently also sent two text messages.

                            Video shows Colorado mother shopping with her baby hours before she mysteriously disappeared; parents express concern

The authorities have released footage taken from a grocery store surveillance camera that shows a missing Colorado mother shopping with her baby daughter only moments before she disappeared on Thanksgiving Day. The video shows Kelsey Berreth entering a Safeway store in Woodland Park with her infant at 12:27 p.m. local time on November 22. This is the last visual confirmation that the authorities have of the 29-year-old mother.

The Daily Mail reported that Patrick Frazee, Berreth's fiance, who was the last person to see his bride-to-be alive, told the police that the young mother dropped off their baby at his home after she went to the store and he never saw her again. Investigators have still not released any details regarding that meeting. The couple lives in separate homes in spite of having a daughter together and being engaged.


When the investigators were asked why Frazee was not involved in the heartbreaking press conference that was set up to help find his fiancee on December 10, the police chief in charge of the investigation icily replied: "You'd have to ask him."

Berreth's co-workers said that they received a text message from her on November 25 morning saying that she would not be going for work the following week. Frazee also told the investigators that he had received a similar message from the mother of his child. That same day, the young mother's cell phone signal was recorded in Goodling, Idaho, which is 700 miles from where she disappeared.


On December 2, however, the authorities searched Berreth's home after her mother, Cheryl, reported her as missing. Frazee, on the other hand, never once made an attempt to contact the police about his missing fiancee. It is still not clear if Berreth, who is a flight instructor, was supposed to pick up their daughter from her fiance's home or what the text was that he received from her said. He has also not made any appeals to the public for information that might lead to finding Berreth, and Frazee's absence at the press conference was noticeable. 

Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young told one reporter when he was asked why Frazee was not at the press conference: "That's a question you would have to ask him." He gave an identical answer when another reporter asked him why Frazee did not report his fiancee missing. The police chief refused to name Frazee as a suspect and said: "At this point, he is the father of Kelsey's daughter."


The authorities still have to officially rule Berreth's disappearance as suspicious and have said that they do not have any evidence to indicate anything aside from the fact that she is a missing person. When they looked through the young mother's home, they found cold cinnamon rolls which they presumed were left out to cool. The only thing that was missing from the home was her purse. She was reported as missing 10 days after her disappearance. 

Cheryl said at the press conference: "She's not the kind that runs off. This is completely out of character. She's reliable, considerate and honest. She doesn't run off and someone knows where she's at. Kelsey we just want you home. Call us if you can and we won't quit looking." The distraught mother also confirmed that she lives in Idaho, which is the same state to where Berreth's cell phone was tracked to but she lives 500 miles away from Gooding.


Clint Berreth, the young mother's brother, had revealed at an earlier time that he had gone to her home a little after realizing that she was missing and was very clear that she did not pack to go anywhere. Her luggage and makeup were untouched in the house and both the vehicles were still parked in her home.

JoDee Garretson, her cousin, told KEPR-TV: "They're a very close-knit family. That's why I don't believe she'd just... She wouldn't put them through that. She's such a good person, a loving person. She's grounded and responsible. She has a one-year-old child, she wouldn't just leave her. There's no reason to think she intentionally is gone."

Kelsey Berreth is described as 5ft3in tall and weighing 110lbs. She was last seen wearing a white shirt, gray sweater, blue pants, and white shoes. She was also carrying a brown purse.

Please contact the Woodland Park Police Department at (719)-687-9262 if you have any information on her whereabouts