Couple's alleged splurges after scamming homeless veteran of $400,000 revealed - a BMW, luxury vacations and trips to Disney

Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico had started a GoFundMe page to help veteran Johnny Bobbitt in 2017.

                            Couple's alleged splurges after scamming homeless veteran of $400,000 revealed - a BMW, luxury vacations and trips to Disney

One of the heartwarming stories of the previous year has turned into a story that would make you question humanity this year. A couple, who wanted to "pay it forward” to the homeless man that came to their rescue last year, has been accused of conning him and the rest of the world using a GoFundMe page, with the details of their alleged splurges also having been revealed now.  

The splurges of the now-infamous couple - Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico – allegedly includes a BMW, a limo driver, a helicopter ride, luxury vacations in Las Vegas and trips to Disney. These were recent developments too, having lived a very normal life for a receptionist and carpenter until they set up a GoFundMe page – which raised over $400,000 - to help a veteran Johnny Bobbitt, who lives on the streets of Philadelphia.  

It was the luxury lifestyle of this New Jersey couple that set off alarms. The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office has now launched a criminal investigation, and so far, about a dozen bags and boxes worth of evidence have been seized by officials with the couple’s property, according to The Inquirer.  

The story of Bobbit had gone viral in 2017 when it was revealed that he spent the last $20 in his possession to buy gas for McClure when her car stalled on an I-95 overpass near Kensington last year. The GoFundMe page had outlined this selfless gesture and requested patrons to contribute to buying Bobbit a home, a truck of his choice and two trust funds that would ensure stable and steady income. 

Although McClure’s initial target was $10,000, the page attracted over 14,000 people, whose contributions totaled over $400,000. Bobbitt says he’s barely seen any of the money, and his lawyer says it’s all gone, with the couple being less than forthcoming with their answers regarding where the money was spent.  

They have, however, claimed to have given Bobbit $200,000 during their appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, and that they were apprehensive about giving the rest to him because of his drug problems. The money, according to them, was spent on “care” for Bobbitt, which included a stay in a hotel, a camper, the used SUV, two cell phones, a television, a laptop, lawyer fees and the money he sent to his family.  

Meanwhile, the veteran claims he was given a camper and a used SUV, by D’Amico and McClure, who also gave him $25,000 in cash – which they claim Bobbitt spent on narcotics. 

GoFundMe has said in a statement, “Johnny will be made whole, and we're committing that he'll get the balance of the funds that he has not yet received or benefited from. GoFundMe's goal has always been to ensure Johnny gets [the] support he deserves. We'll continue to assist with the ongoing law enforcement investigation.”