All Justin Bieber wants to do on his birthday is spend time with Selena Gomez

Jelena is getting too sweet you guys - Justin has reportedly revealed that he doesn't want any gifts, just her precious time.

                            All Justin Bieber wants to do on his birthday is spend time with Selena Gomez

Soon after the speculation that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be planning to move in together surfaced, here's another shocker. JB reportedly feels that he needs more alone time with Selena and a one on one date is all he wants as his birthday present! An aww moment for her Jelena fans. 

All JB wants for his birthday is time with Selena. (Source: Getty Images)

Justin is turning 24 on Thursday and a source close to the singer reportedly told Hollywood Life, "Justin gets to be in love and with the girl he has always wanted to be with for his birthday. He doesn’t need any lavish gifts from her, he just wants to spend some alone time with her.

The two look super serious this time around. (Source: Pinterest)

"Granted if she has anything planned as a surprise for him he will love it because he loves spending any time he can with her. He really is totally invested in their relationship." Looks like Justin is taking his relationship seriously this time after all the ups and downs the two have been together.

 (Source: Getty Images)

The two recently got back from Jamaica where they went to attend Justin's dad's wedding and it looks like they feel inspired to head in the same direction. "Justin’s really inspired right now and that has not only sparked new music from Justin but personal conversations with his loved ones as well. Justin and Selena can absolutely see a life where they are married and enjoying kids together," a source told the same publication.

Is Jelena looking at marriage? (Source: Pinterest)

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