Huge new for Jelena fans! It's just been a couple of days since JB and Selena have been back from his dad's wedding trip in Jamaica and the two already seem to be considering taking the leap. 

Selena Gomez. (Source: Getty Images)

According to Hollywood Life, the two are seriously committed to each other and are considering living in together and are going stronger than ever. 

An insider reportedly told the website, "Selena and Justin know better than to pay any attention to rumors about them and their relationship, they’re used to people constantly speculating and they just ignore it."

The source also added that the two are old fashioned and would love to have a home together.

"Their relation is very important to them, and they share very traditional values when it comes to family and children, so they want to make sure they have a stable and committed home life together. It is something they are committed to in the future, though."

Justin Beiber. (Source: Getty Images)

The two have had a turbulent relationship in the past and post her break up with The Weekend and his with Hailey Baldwin last year, the two just attracted each other like bees to freshly bloomed flowers.

The magnetic attraction was soon in the public eye and the faith in love was restored - at least for the fans. Selena is reportedly getting more attached to the relationship after JB's changed avatar.

"Justin has grown, matured, and become a better person and as a result, things are better than ever between them," a source told the website.

The two share their first PDA, back in 2011. (Source: Getty Images)

He's been supportive of her and she's returned the gesture by going to his father's wedding.

"She [Selena] loves how Justin supports her and goes to her Pilates classes and other things she is into. And in return, she is totally down to support him at his hockey games, his dad’s wedding, and everything else important in his life. They are doing everything together and things are really working this time around."

Will the couple, who started publically being a couple in 2011, finally take it forward? We sure hope so. 

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