It's been a couple of days that Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez got back from Justin's dad's wedding ceremony in Jamaica. Justin seems to be supporting his father Jeremy at the beginning of his new life. In a sweet but short and snappy message on Instagram, JBeibs congratulated the couple for their nuptials and their baby. 

(Source: Instagram)

He wrote, "Congrats on ur wedding and ur new baby!! @jeremybieber" in a photo of the couple at their wedding.

The ceremony seems to be set in a picturesque location with a lot of greenery and sunshine. The wedding is peach and white themed, with the groom in a white shirt and shorts with a peach suspender hanging off his hips and peach loafers.

The flowers that surround the two and are scattered on the ground for the bride to probably walk on are also in the same color. Beibs is seen affectionately looking at his dad, hair flying and looking away from the camera, with one hand on his other arm. 

His gorgeous tattoos are on partial display. In another photo posted by the bride Chelsea Beiber, Justin is seen clapping and smiling as the newlywed couple lock lips. 

Chelsea's beautifully crafted wedding gown was a sweetheart cut off shoulder dress that hugged her body beautifully.

Her veil flew in the breeze and her dark wavy hair followed suit. She captioned her emotional moment with, "Yesterday was the most amazing day ever. I married my best friend! I love you!"

(Source: Instagram)


Justin's reaction to his father and his new bride clearly show that he is a supportive son. While their relationship has seen its ups and downs in the past, this wedding reveals the strong bond that the two share despite their issues.

This also reveals his seriousness with Selena this time, the two have been inseparable since her split with The Weekend in October last year. It may be wishful thinking - but will they tie the knot soon too? Only time will tell.

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