Adore Delano is ready to date and Jujube wants to be her boo! The RuPaul's Drag Race alumni had an adorable Twitter exchange that is giving fans and shippers hope everywhere.

Juju wants to date you! (Instagram)

Adore looks like she's totally given up hope with dating men. The drag queen tweeted to her fans saying that she wanted a date, and, well, she doesn't mind dating a ghost.

Adore wants to date a ghost. (Instagram)

That's when Juju came to the rescue! The queen of shade and sass was quick with a response. "I'm dead inside. Wanna date?" the drag queen asked Adore.

Well, of COURSE, Adore said yes! Who wouldn't want to date Juju?

Fans were for it. Every single shipper wanted the two fan-favorite queens to kai kai.

What would their couple name be? Jujudore sounds adorable already *wink wink nudge nudge*


Remember all the cute drag couples we had who blessed out lonesome souls? We could use another Shalaska-esque romance. Be still, my beating heart! Can you just imagine how adorable the two would look together? Let's make #Jujudore happen!

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