John Mulaney and Nick Kroll debut their new hilarious hipster characters on Conan

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll recently appeared on Conan and they did not leave a chance to entertain the audience that was present there.

                            John Mulaney and Nick Kroll debut their new hilarious hipster characters on Conan

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll's friendship goes far beyond anyone can imagine and even though the two have a successful career path, fame has not been able to break their down-to-earth, hilarious personas. Recently, the two comedians, who are set to host the Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 3, appeared on Conan and did not leave any chance to entertain the audience. 

The two debuted their new looks (Twitter)

The stars traded in Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland’s shabby New York wardrobe for a more casual but eye-catching, ripped-jeans, and hippie look. John and Nick spent the entire two segments cracking their jokes and even though Conan O'Brien tried his best to get past them, ultimately he had to give in and sit back and watch the two men take over his show. 

While Nick and John were way too much into their character, Conan himself was not far behind. As usual, he put on the role of an annoyed straight man and we loved his idea of hopping on the bandwagon of jokes that the boys had prepared for the night. 

One thing that the two were very keen on during the entire episode was the segment in which they spoke about “tantric jokes.” If you are wondering what is a "tantric joke", Nick as an answer for you. “They go on and on forever, and there’s really no punchline at any point,” he explained. 

The duo cracked open the audience with laughter in their two segments (Twitter)

Later, John added, “But much like tantric sex, it’s the same mess at the end.” Meanwhile, the Big Mouth actor even spoke about the pair’s new pop-up fashion shop, proudly boasting, “There’s no parking.” While Nick was more focused on recalling details about Gerard Butler’s house. 

According to Nick, Gerard's house was complete with a “gothic erotica” theme and also spoke about how his recent genetic testing turned out to be not what he had expected as it returned “100 percent Ashkenazi Jew.” John later summed up the new look that the two are planning to bring on stage on March 3 as “Public denial is key. Private denial is encouraged.”

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