Joe Biden's big frack-up: What's his real stance on fracking? Confused voters ask Democrat to 'keep it straight'

In the final debate, Trump once again claimed that the former vice president would ban oil and gas drilling if he gets elected

                            Joe Biden's big frack-up: What's his real stance on fracking? Confused voters ask Democrat to 'keep it straight'
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The election season is heating up even more with little more than a week left for November 3. Both President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are still being asked numerous questions about the claims and promises they have made during their campaigns. However, one topic that crops up every now and then is Biden’s take on fracking.

Recently, during the October 22 presidential debate, the topic came up again. In the final debate, Trump once again claimed that the former vice president would ban fracking if he gets elected. On being questioned about the same, Biden said in response, “I have never said I oppose fracking. What I will do with fracking over time is make sure we can capture the emissions from fracking, capture the emissions from gas." He added, "I do rule out banning fracking because the answer is we need other industries to transition to get a complete zero emissions by 2025."

However, Trump alleged that Biden had said it on tape how he wanted to “ban” fracking, a process that involves drilling down into the earth to release the gas inside. To this Biden said in response, "Show the tape, put it on your website," and added, "The fact of the matter is he's flat lying.”

However, during March 15, 2020, Democratic debate Biden said he wouldn’t authorize any more federal subsidies for the fossil fuel industry stating, "No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period." His rather contradicting statement in the recent debate is being discussed widely among internet users.

A latest Daily Mail report claims that voters in Pennsylvania are said to be concerned with Biden's 'confusing' message over fracking, which he stated during the debate. The report states that in three separate interviews with local media in the swing state on Saturday, October 24, Biden faced questions regarding his latest statement. As Daily Mail reports, the message to all three media outlets -- CBS Philadelphia, NBC affiliate WBRE and ABC affiliate WNEP – the message seemed to be the same that all he did not want to ‘ban’ fracking. Explaining himself, as mentioned in the Daily Mail report, Biden told ABC affiliate WNEP, “What I said was, we're gonna stop the subsidies for oil, which is about $40 billion. We're going to take that money, invest it in new technologies for what they call carbon capture.”

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who co-authored the progressive Green New Deal, isn’t concerned about Biden’s ‘mixed’ messages regarding the topic. Speaking to CNN’s Jack Tapper, she said that Biden's proposal to eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels, as outlined in his plan, is “an important first step.” AOC said, “You know, it does not bother me. I believe – and I have a very strong position on fracking. The science is very clear.” She emphasized that right now it is important “to focus on winning the White House first.” AOC added, “I'm happy to make my case. But I also understand that he is in disagreement on that issue.”

She also said, “While the vice president wants to make sure that he's not doing it by a government mandate or regulation, I do believe that we are moving towards that future. Again, I believe that there is a way and that we should push that process along. But, again, the vice president and my disagreements are, I believe, recorded. And that's quite all right.”

Trump also tweeted a video clip on October 23 which had a collage of statements made by Biden on fracking. He had written, "As per your request, Joe...". He again quote-tweeted it and wrote: "Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and others, please watch. His party, and Joe, will stop Fracking immediately. Millions of jobs lost as energy prices soar. Vote Trump!"


People on Twitter were still discussing the matter. One said, "Can’t get #Biden to keep it straight. Fracking or no fracking." A user stated, "Vote for #Biden because fracking & pipelines are on the way out. #GreenEnergy is the future #America." One asked, "I’d like to meet the voters who genuinely care about the oil industry (not including those employed by the oil companies, obviously). Oh, that also goes for fracking. Does the average voter in 2020 give any consideration to these issues??" Another stated, "What part of "we'd work it out" don't you understand? Fracking doesn't play a long term role within an energy strategy that doesn't continue to pollute our planet. #Biden is very clear that he wouldn't immediately call a halt to it." A user opined, "When were we last energy independent? It wasn’t when Joe #Biden was VP. During that administration we depended on the Middle East and gas cost twice as much. Plus, ending fracking will kill 10 million jobs. #BidenHarris are Fracking Crazy!" One claimed, "That is a lie. He will only stop fracking on public lands. And as a bonus, #Biden won’t kill you."











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