Contrary to regular celeb lifestyle, sometimes, our favorite celebs decide to be super relatable. Take a look at Jessica Alba for example - the Fantastic Four star has been vocal and open about breastfeeding, especially after she gave birth to her third child - baby son Hayes. 

The 36-year-old co-founder of Honest Company took to Instagram to talk about how it feels to be a mum needing to breastfeed her child when outside the comforts of a home.

(Source: Instagram)

In an Instagram story, where she appears to be donning a black and white plaid jacket, white tee and a light colored choker necklace and hoops, she is seen crouching in a fitting room in a Target store breastfeeding Hayes. In a very relatable moment for mums everywhere, she says, "Breastfeeding in a Target dressing room." The snapshot has Alba's face in a rabbit filter as she points out her "tired eyes" with a bright white arrow, reported Today.

This story is proof that no matter who you are - being a new mom has woes that affect all of them equally. 

"Any mom who all of the sudden has little people that rely heavily on them for survival needs to maintain her own sense of self. You need to cut yourself some slack and bite off what you can chew. Things will be compromised and you just have to be okay with that," she told the same publication in an earlier interview. 

Though the store chain does have a pro-breastfeeding policy and any area, including the fitting rooms are allowed to be open to nursing moms even if it means keeping other customers waiting. 

But this isn't the first time Jessica has shared her baby moments of motherhood on Instagram.

(Source: Instagram)

She recently posted a selfie, breastfeeding her 7-week old son and confessing that mums need pampering too. She captioned the photo, "Sitting at home-feeding baby boy having all the feels for @shanidarden thx for pampering me -really loved my facial- feeling glowy and hydrated." 


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