Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance on Will & Grace after ten years!

J-Lo is going to be starring in the upcoming episode of Will & Grace

Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance on Will & Grace after ten years!

Jennifer Lopez is going to make an appearance in the upcoming episode of 'Will & Grace'. In a teaser released by NBC, fans got to take a look at what Jenny from the Block is going to be bringing to the show.

In the teaser, J-Lo was acting out a scene from her TV show 'Shades of Blue' as detective Harlee Santos. Sporting a short, dyed wig, an easy beige jumper, and grey combat slacks paired with boots to match, she braces the older woman with her for viewing the body. "No matter how many times I do this it doesn't get easier," J-Lo heavily says to the old lady.

The air is remorse. There is sadness etched in the eyes of everyone present in the scene. Pulling out the mortuary shelf, J-Lo presents the body, played by Sean Hayes's character Jack. 

So he's supposed to be dead, and this requires one to stay very still. But Jack doesn't seem to remember that. Sitting up, he asks J-Lo "Remember me?"

Well, obviously that doesn't go well for Jack. Visibly irritated, the actress asks the crew "Why is this corpse talking?" 

The whole scene is hilarious and has fans excited. Not just for the new episode, but also the return of J-Lo on 'Will & Grace'. The 48-year-old singer had appeared in the season six finale of 'Will & Grace'. Karen, played by Megan Mullally, runs into J-Lo in a bathroom. Karen then convinces the songstress to sing at her wedding, where Jack fills in as a backup dancer. J-Lo made an appearance in the season seven premiere in which she fires Jack as her backup dancer, but gets him a job as a dancer for Janet Jackson instead. 

The episode premieres on Thursday on NBC. 

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