There is literally no debate about Jennifer Lopez' stunning looks. What could be debatable is if she's hot or super hot? In a video that has surfaced on Instagram recently, the 50-year-old Latina bombshell is seen shaking her booty in a barely-there jumpsuit. 

She is flipping and shaking and swinging and totally rocking the moves, along with her two dancers, perhaps practicing for a live show. She is on top of her game in sky-high nude peep-toe boots just strutting her stuff giving the two younger looking men a hard time. They almost look like they have trouble keeping up.  

Her purple tassels on her sheer jumpsuit swing as she twirls in circles. Her curves are accentuated by the silver stripes on the suit and she has a bunch of tassels just bobbing up and down on her famous booty like a cute little tail. 

Even at 50, she's really got it, after all the salsa moves that she pulls off in the video look super tough to do. JLo has never really been the kind to shy away from showing her fantastic body. Her recent Instagram show off how fit the Latina singer is.

Check her out totally owning the stage in this Instagram post below - hair flying, smize on point and giving us serious goddess vibes. She's wearing what looks like thigh-high boots and fishnets and a jacket cum dress with multiple zips help ooze her hotness, perhaps.

(Source: Instagram)

There was also a post of when she was performing alongside artist Gente De Zona and the two looked like they were having a great time.

(Source: Instagram) 

In another recent post, she is seen performing with her crew of back up dancers in a cheetah print jumpsuit and a matching bandana. Even her boots matched the outfit - someone give this woman a medal for being the epitome of badassery. She even thanks her crew for having her back. 

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