Jennifer Lawrence calls Harvey Weinstein a 'horrible a** boil'

“He is just that horrible a** boil that does not go away. You pop the a** boil. He’s just the worst," drunk J-Law says about Harvey Weinstein

                            Jennifer Lawrence calls Harvey Weinstein a 'horrible a** boil'

We know by now how good Jennifer Lawrence is at interviews on both ends, as a host and a guest. So when the 27-year-old actress sat down with Stephen Colbert on Monday night, drunk and tipsy, she delivered a wildly entertaining night, gossiping casually about Harvey Weinstein and Larry David.

Moments in on the sets of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host pulled out a hidden bottle of Cuban rum.

The duo started throwing shots together immediately and she talked about taking a year off from acting to focus on activism. Colbert asked the reason why she was taking a year off and Lawrence promptly joked, “Because I’m so miserable.”

Explaining her departure on a serious note, she said she will be developing projects during that time off but won’t be present on acting set so she can instead “talk to kids about, you know, corruption.”

Jennifer Lawrence attends the 'Red Sparrow' New York Premiere at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center on February 26, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

“I’m a part of an organization [Represent.Us] that’s trying to pass the state by state legislation to get big money out of politics,” the Red Sparrow actress said.

“When Trump got elected, my head spun off. And I read all these books and I have really learned myself good about our government,” she added. Lawrence had recently revealed on 60 Minutes that she dropped out of middle school.

Speaking on this thread of conversation Colbert noted, “So speaking about politics and corruption, you recently were ill-used in the defense of Harvey Weinstein.”

“Yes! I was!” Lawrence replied and both kicked off their shoes to get more comfortable and engaged in the conversation.

“He is just that horrible a** boil that does not go away. You pop the a** boil. He’s just the worst. When is it going to end? In the middle of the night I come up with a statement in London, and I was like, it’s still not over? The awfulness is still happening?”

Jennifer Lawrence (L) and producer Harvey Weinstein attend the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE on April 20, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD)

Recently Lawrence's quotes from 2013 Oscar, who received the award in the Weinstein-produced 'Silver Linings Playbook', was used by Weinstein’s lawyers to defend the disgraced movie mogul in a sexual-misconduct lawsuit. Colbert put it to Lawrence, “He dragged you into his pile of shit.”

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