Jennifer Garner named her two pet chicks - "Oprah Henfrey" and "Ellen DeGeneres"

With just a few days left for 'Camping's release, looks like Jennifer Garner is already getting into the country life off-screen.

                            Jennifer Garner named her two pet chicks - "Oprah Henfrey" and "Ellen DeGeneres"

We don't know about the rest of the cast, but Jennifer Garner is definitely ready for her 'Camping' life. While the 'Peppermint' actress is set to make her appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' today, at 4 p.m. to discuss her new show 'Camping' on HBO, directed by Lena Dunham, seems like she has already adapted to the country-side lifestyle along with her feathery friends. 

Garner officially joined the league of "Chicken Lady club" in Hollywood after she posted a picture of her with Regina George, her feathered friend whom she named after Rachel McAdam's iconic character from the 2004 Teen comedy, 'Mean Girls.' Sadly, Regina passed away (this year in April), but Garner had a few more chicks to occupy her mind with. At the moment, she is overly concerned that her other chicken, Captian Hook, is not getting along with her seven new chicks. However, on the brighter side, the '13 Going On 30' actress is planning on getting more yellow chicks, and will probably name two of them - "Oprah Henfrey" and "Ellen DeHeneres," reports ET Canada


While Garner seems to have taken up the responsibility of single-handedly passing forward the legacy of all iconic characters and TV personalities by naming her little feathery friends after them, probably it is her way to adjust into the obsessively compulsive, social-media savvy, wife, who she is set to play on HBO's upcoming series, 'Camping.'

In one of the recent clips shared on Facebook, Garner's character, Kathryn is portrayed as a woman who likes to showcase her life on social media...sometimes, even if her friends really don't want it. Other times, Kathryn is a controlling woman who wants to have fun at the camp but forgets the basic ingredient to having planning!



Kathryn and the remaining 15 people go to the camp to enjoy some time without work or any responsibilities. However, it ends up in all work and no play, when Garner tries to stick to a plan which is to apparently help them have "fun" at the campsite. Birdwatching seems to be Kathryn's favorite, as she gets excited while mentioning that bird-watching was on the itinerary for the day.

Probably Dunham has included this whole side to the story so that Garner could relive her days as the chick-owner that she is. Nevertheless, Garner's character does not seem to be a big deviation from her, and probably she will be the perfect fit for the controlling- bird loving- anxious Kathryn. We will only find that out on October 14.