Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were heartbroken after they realized they couldn't have kids

A report spills the beans on the reason what caused Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to split.

                            Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were heartbroken after they realized they couldn't have kids

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their split on February 16 and broke the hearts of many as everyone found it hard to wrap their head around how such a perfect looking relationship could break. However, the seemingly perfect relationship started having cracks soon after the two tied the knot. According to Peoplealong with many reasons that had been the cause of the split, one was the fact that the two could not have kids of their own. 

The two realized early in their marriage that they can't have kids (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

It so happens that the pair was looking forward to starting a family of their own once they got married in 2012. “When Jen met Justin, she had almost given up on the idea that she would have kids,” a source told the mag. “They wanted to have a baby, but it didn’t work out.” 

Accordong to sources, the A-list couple was struggling in their relationship for the better part of a year (Getty Images) 

The source reports that even though the two were very upset about the fact that they could not have a kid, it did not affect their marriage in a big way that would lead to an ultimate fallout. “She has been sad that it never happened, but it never consumer her," the source said. 

The two were reportedly very upset about the fact that they could not have a kid (Getty Images)

However, as days went by, other things started surfacing which kept on piling up and forming a bigger pool of reasons as to why the couple should head their separate ways. One out of many was their difference of choice. While Jennifer love staying in L.A., Justin reportedly wanted to stay in New York. 

They announced their separation in a joint statement (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

“For many months they tried to make it work,” the mag reported. “They even had therapy. She feels sad and disappointed. She didn’t expect to be single again," the source said, Ultimately, the two found it hard to adjust and decided that it would be better if they split on mutual grounds.

Jen and Justin's bicoastal lifestyles drove a wedge in their happily ever after (Getty Images) 

In order to not provide a room for speculation, the two came out with a joint statement announcing their separation. "This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship," the statement read.

The pair had met through mutual friends and had worked on a series of films together, including 2008’s Tropic Thunder and Wanderlust in 2011 (Getty Images)

Mutually agreed separation aside, both actors have had a tough time since their split, with Jen reportedly relying on transcendental meditation to help her through the tough time. She has even been finding it hard to separate with one of the greatest symbols of their love: her $500,000 engagement ring.

Justin had proposed to Jen with a gigantic eight-carat diamond ring (Getty Images)

She even stayed from her close friend Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday bash, which was starry affair. Just a day after the party, Justin and Jennifer announced their split, breaking the hearts of millions of fans who thought of them as their OTP. 

Justin and Jennifer had announced their split a day after Ellen's birthday bash. 

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