'The Flash' director Kevin Smith is going to be acting in an upcoming episode of the Marvel television series. That's not the only thing though. Looks like his long-time buddy Jason Mewes to star in it too. Yes, folks, there's going to be a mini Jay and Silent Bob reunion on 'The Flash'.

On his 'Fatman on Batman' podcast, Kevin told his eager listeners what he's been up to. Kevin recently worked on the seventeenth episode of the show titled 'Null and Annoyed'. Kevin said that along with directing the episode, he's also appearing on it with his friend and frequent collaborator Jason Mewes.

According to Kevin, Jason will totally be on board for a chance to appear on Marvel's 'The Flash'. "I did my first episode of Flash, and they asked Jason Mewes to be in the episode. He was up in Vancouver, so I was like ‘He’s always by my side, so he’ll be there anyway, absolutely.’" Kevin said. 

The writers of the show, Kristen Kim, and Lauren Certo wanted the two to feature in the upcoming episode because there's a scene involving two security guards. Initially, Kevin was hesitant. His reason: He had to wear pants!

Kevin Smith fans know that the actor/director doesn't stray too far from his t-shirts and jorts combination. "I knew if I was playing a part, where I wasn’t being me, I had to be the security guard. I couldn’t be the security guard in jorts. They probably would cut that. So I knew I’d have to wear an outfit and sh*t, which included pants!" he said.

Kevin almost turned down the part for that one reason. But he knew that if his buddy heard of this missed opportunity, there would be consequences! "I knew if I said no, I’d never hear the end of it from [Jay]. Cause he’d go ‘We had a chance to be on a f*cking Flash together, and you didn’t f*cking take it!’ So I said ‘Alright, we’ll do it.’"

The role apparently mirrors their characters, Jay and Silent Bob. But will it be a part of the Askewniverse? Highly unlikely. "So we shot a scene, Jason and I, where we play two security guards in The Flash. And it’s not Jay and Silent Bob, but Jason speaks and I don’t. So there you go." he concluded.

The episode 'Null and Annoyed' does not have an official air date. 

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