Jamie Foxx jokes about dating 'no white girls' during Black History month

Jamie Foxx joked that he has "no white girls until March 1" policy and we are just wondering what would Katie think of this.

                            Jamie Foxx jokes about dating 'no white girls' during Black History month

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have kept quiet about their relationship and it seems like the two want to keep it that way. Just a couple of days after Jamie walked off an interview when asked about Katie, the actor joked about following a “no white girls until March 1″ rule.

He joked about no white girls until March 1 (Twitter)

The Oscar-winning actor was caught on camera by TMZ on Saturday (February 17) at his house in Thousand Oaks, California. The actor threw a super baller NBA All-Star basketball tournament "Chacha The Wave" at his house and was asked his thoughts about the success of Black Panther movie. 

Replying to that, Jamie said, " “God—– right it’s Black History Month. That’s what I’m saying, no white girls ’til March 1." Prior to this, in the interview which the actor gave during NBA All-star basketball game, ESPN’s Michael Smith was seen asking Jamie, "I know you prepared because I saw pictures. Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real Love and Basketball?” 

The two were spotted playing basketball on Valentine's Day (Twitter)

At first, Jamie smirked upon hearing the question but knew best to walk away from the interview than create a scene or say something that might be pushed out of proportion later. In order to keep his cool, Jamie immediately took off his headset and walked right back towards the basketball court.

As it turns out, the two indeed spent their Valentine's Day playing basketball. The pair was seen at a basketball court in Calabasas on the holiday. “They were really happy,” an eyewitness told US Weekly. “Katie was dancing as they walked in and Jamie was laughing. They seem really at ease and truly enjoying each other.”

Even though the two have never openly spoken about their relationship, things became pretty clear, when in September the duo's PDA filled photographs surfaced while they enjoyed a nice time in Malibu, California. They even made a public appearance together during the pre-Grammys 2018 Gala.

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