James Marsden to star in Netflix adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill novella 'In The Tall Grass'

'West World' star James Marsden reportedly in talks to star in the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King's 'In the Tall Grass.'

                            James Marsden to star in Netflix adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill novella 'In The Tall Grass'
James Marsden (Source: Getty Images)

In recent times, Netflix has made a heavy push for original content on the platform and invested millions in ensuring that when the time comes, there is enough to make subscribers stay on their streaming service. For the time being, it seems to have paid off, with several of these shows and movies garnering rave reviews from critics as well as enthralled audiences.

However, the streaming giant is not willing to rest on its laurels just yet. Deadline reports that Netflix is set to adapt Stephen King's and his son Joe Hill's novella 'In The Tall Grass' into a fully-fledged feature film, and considering how well King's novels have translated into the big screen in the past, fans are sure to be in for a treat with this latest venture as well.

Originally published in two parts in the June/July issues of Esquire magazine in 2012, the novel follows 'twins' Cal and Becky Demuth as they travel to their uncle's and aunt's house but stop at a field of tall grass when they hear a boy calling for help. As they trudge into the ominous field in a bid to rescue the boy, they realize that the grass seems to have taken on a life of its own.

'West World' star James Marsden is said to be in negotiations to star in the movie, and Vincenzo Natali, best known for writing and directing science fiction films such as 'Cube,' 'Cypher,' 'Nothing,' and 'Splice,' will helm the project. 

According to Deadline, the film will be produced by 'Splice' producer Steve Hoban, Jimmy Miller, and M. Riley, the latter two of whom are known for producing 'The Lazarus Effect.' It is mooted to begin production this summer in Toronto.

If and when the movie does begin production, it will become the streaming giant's third adaptation of a Stephen King novel. The previous two, 'Gerald's Game' and '1922,' both of which were received well by critics, as well as audiences.