James Bay performed his new single 'Pink Lemonade' for an eager audience on Saturday night and it left a lot of people thirsty.

The English singer/songwriter sported a whole new look and took a lot of his fans by surprise. James ditched his long, flowing locks and went for a more sleek haircut, paired with a pink, shiny shirt. Very fitting of the song!

James Bay released the single a day before his performance on Saturday Night Live. The single, titled 'Pink Lemonade', is everything you'd expect from James Bay; it's all parts catchy and gives you a vibe that reminds you of driving around with your windows down just blaring this song after an annoying fight with your significant other. 

Fans loved the performance and raved about it. You really can't help but dance to this track. 


Clearly, James has moved on from his 'Let It Go' days. The indie singer/songwriter has received three Grammy nominations for his album 'Chaos and the Calm'. Jame's second studio album, 'Electric Light', is going to release on May 18. 

James also performed his single 'Wild Love' for the audience. 

Let's pause for a sip of water. Because both these tracks left the internet fairly thirsty.


Two words, James Bay.

Thank you.

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