It's so cold in the US that sharks are dying and dogs are freezing solid...

The weather observers have warned people to prep themselves up for a harsh cold spell in 2018, especially if they are planning to go outdoors.

                            It's so cold in the US that sharks are dying and dogs are freezing solid...

The United States is witnessing record low temperatures this year, and the weather forecast has predicted that Americans are set to usher in a freezing New Year in a few days. Reports state that it is so cold in the country right now that even sharks are washing up dead on the shores and dogs are freezing solid to death.

New Year's Eve, across the US, is expected to be 20 to 40 degrees colder than usual this time, except for the Southwestern region of the country. The weather observers have warned people to prep themselves up for a harsh cold spell in 2018, especially if they are planning to go outdoors.

Two women take a selfie photo in front of a frozen fountain in Bryant Park on a frigid day in Manhattan on December 27, 2017 in New York City. (Getty Images)

Weather forecasts have said that the temperature in New York City is expected to go below freezing into the New Year, according to reports. The observers also added that the temperature at the top of the highest peak in the US northeast hit -37 degrees Celsius on Friday, which is a record low. The previous record at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire was -35C and was set in 1933.

People walk by falling ice on a Manhattan street on an unseasonably cold day on March 15, 2017 in New York City. (Getty Images)

So if you are still not sure how brutal the cold is this time around, here are a few instances which will make you wonder if Elsa from Frozen has unleashed her powers:

Boiling water is turning to snow

The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire posted a video on Facebook on Friday, showing weather observer Adam Gill pouring boiling water from a kettle into the air, where the water turned immediately to snow because of the freezing temperature in the region.

Forecasters have warned of hypothermia and frostbite from arctic air settling in over the central region of the country and spreading towards the east.

Sharks are dying in this cold

A thresher shark washed up on the Cape Cod Bay shoreline (Atlantic White Shark Conservancy)

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on Saturday said that the cold in Massachusetts probably resulted in the death of two thresher sharks.

Reports state that two sharks washed up on the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay and they were possibly "stranded on the shore due to cold shock," the Conservancy said.

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has reported that a number of thresher sharks which washed up dead on Cape Cod are likely to have died from 'cold shock' due to the icy temperatures in the water. (Facebook)

Thresher sharks are generally found across the world and tend to stay in warmer waters, away from the shore. "These sharks were most likely moving to the south with the warmer water and got caught in the hook of Cape Cod," the group said.

A dog froze solid in the US cold 

People enjoy and afternoon in the sleet and snow in Brooklyn's Prospect Park on March 14, 2017 in New York City. (Getty Images)

A dog was found frozen solid in a curled up position on the front porch of a house in the 1000 block of King Street, in central Toledo. “I don’t know how long she was out there,” Megan Brown, a cruelty investigator with the humane society, said. “She was frozen solid.”

The Toledo Area Humane Society is currently investigating the death of the female dog. The 3-year-old female was named Nanas, and the owner of the dog claimed he had left her locked inside of the house with sufficient food, while he was away from home for a few days. 

People are skiing behind a horse and buggy 

A woman who was driving through Morley, Michigan on Christmas saw a guy skiing while being pulled by a horse and buggy, because if inches-deep snow accumulated in the region. We guess, why not? When life gives you plenty of snow, you skii to glory.

The cold is making glass windows split

It is not usual to see the cold cracking your glassware or windows, well the US is witnessing unprecedented things this winter. A Twitter user on Friday shared a picture of her window, which she claimed had cracked because of the shattering cold in the area.

Reports state that Alpena, Michigan, had its coldest morning low since February 27, 2015 (minus 19) a few days ago. The temperature in Michigan is the second-coldest December temperature on record, behind only a minus-27-degree low on December 29, 1933.

Watertown, New York, fell to minus 32 on Thursday morning, the cold has shattered its daily record for December 28 of minus 23. 

People shovel a sidewalk in the sleet and snow on a Brooklyn street on March 14, 2017 in New York City. (Getty Images)

We'd advise you to brace yourselves up this winter, it is going to be a really cold spell. 

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