Prostitute faces 15 years in jail after she admits to sex trafficking minors and forcing them to tattoo her name on their face

Melanie Denae Williams, 23, has been charged with recruiting minors to be hookers after she admitted to using force or fraud to coerce vulnerable women into prostitution.

                            Prostitute faces 15 years in jail after she admits to sex trafficking minors and forcing them to tattoo her name on their face

A California woman who admitted forcing other women into sex acts seemingly bragged about the sex trafficking charges brought against her in an Instagram account where she has self-branded herself as a "Pretty Hoe". 23-year-old Melanie Denae Williams is facing up to 15 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to said charges. During an interrogation, she confessed that she lured two vulnerable and underage people using her social media accounts online. It was later understood that if her victims tried to leave, she would beat them, cover them in bleach, and even threaten to kill them, Daily Mail reports.




The woman allegedly posted a video of herself to her Instagram account last week, where she describes herself as the "most hated hoe in LA". In the clip, she is seen dancing to music during a car journey with a caption reading: "aINt yOu suPpoSeD tO bE iN jAiL' f**k off my page." According to an affidavit, Williams, who was charged in March this year after being arrested in Christmas Eve 2017, boasted about her behavior by posting videos of herself "physically beating and using firearms to threaten young women."

In one of her Snapchat stories, she stated in all caps: "I'm not scared of jail so stop telling me anything about the MF police." Another Instagram post asks: "Who 18+ & wanna make some legit money?"

The affidavit noted that Williams is part of a child exploitation task force, although it did not mention details about the minors she allegedly recruited. She also admitted as part of the new plea that she would use the money from engaging minors in sex acts for her own benefit.

The sentencing hearing in federal court regarding her fraudulently and forcefully coercing victims into illegal sex acts is due on January 28. While she has been incarcerated before, she will most likely get a lesser sentence. In a statement, the United States Department of Justice said: "Williams also forced the victim to get Williams' name tattooed on her face, confiscated the victim's belongings and identity documents and continually threatened to kill the victim if she left Williams."




Williams, who herself is brandished with the name "Christopher" on her face, forced her victim to get the name "Melanie" tattoed to her wrist. That said, she has various other inkings all over her body as seen in many of her scantily clad images on her Instagram, which has now been taken down. While some videos show her twerking over wads of cash, others show her naked in bed with a man.

A joint investigation into the case has been launched by the FBI, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. Last year, Williams was sentenced to three months in prison for prostitution.