Model caught on camera kicking and stomping on dog spared jail time, gets away with just a $600 fine

After agreeing to a plea deal, 26-year-old Keevonna C'Ante Wilson escaped jail time and instead receive a four-year supervision order, as well as the fine.

                            Model caught on camera kicking and stomping on dog spared jail time, gets away with just a $600 fine
Wilson(Source: Aventura Police)

An Instagram model who was caught on film kicking, stomping on, and abusing a dog has been spared jail time. Twenty six-year-old Keevonna C'Ante Wilson got away with just a $600 fine in court costs and will be on probation for four years for the horrific attack.

Wilson, who has over 53,000 followers on Instagram, became infamous on social media in 2017 after her vicious attack on the Shih Tzu-Yorkie crossbreed in a condominium elevator in Miami, Florida, went viral.

Wilson has escaped jail time for the horrific attack (Source: Aventura Police)


In the video, Wilson can be seen entering the elevator with the dog, named Chastity, already scolding it. As soon as the doors open, the 26-year-old runs after the pet and chases it into a corner. She then violently stomps on it repeatedly with her right foot before kicking it in the head a few times.

After delivering several kicks, Wilson pauses for a while to select a floor button, with the dog seen whimpering and cowering in the corner.

But Chastity's respite lasts only a few seconds, as Wilson continues her horrific assault on the pup by using the walls of the elevator as leverage to deliver several more forceful strikes with her right foot.

The footage then continues as Wilson and Chastity exit the elevator when it arrives at the designated floor. While Wilson exits to the left and walks out of the frame, the terrified dog can be seen running around in circles in full view of the camera.

The incident was reported to the Miami-Dade Animal Services Department Humane Enforcement Unit, which subsequently took custody of Chastity and provided her medical care.

Police said the dog suffered "no visible injuries" after the attack but had "winced" while being held by others.

The Daily Mail reported that the attack was sparked by Chastity possibly urinating or defecating in the elevator. Wilson was arrested in September 2017 and charged with felony animal cruelty in connection to the assault.

Online records indicate that she initially pleaded not guilty and requested a jury trial, though it appears as though she changed her mind. The 26-year-old, who regularly posts on her Instagram page "Flawless World", and who describes herself as an aspiring actor and dancer, recently accepted a plea deal.

The plea deal saw her escape jail time, and instead receive a four-year supervision order. She was also ordered to pay $598 in court costs.