In a classic tribute gone wrong moment, a Moscow-based nail art salon Nail Sunny found themselves in an uncomfortable spot after their Kylie Jenner-inspired nail art left fans on Instagram disgruntled. 

Kylie's pregnancy was in the news for months and so was the moment she became a mum, as Stormi, her baby girl came into the world. It was perhaps one of the most talked about celeb news of the year so far. 

It was big news for fans and a lot of tributes poured in for mum Kylie and baby Stormi. Most of them got the expected reactions, but this one may have taken it too far. 


@kyliejenner ‘s and Stormi’s Nails 😍😇

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Nail Sunny created a manicure based on the duo - a 3D version of Stormi's announcement picture. To say it was awful is sugarcoating it. 

The manicure shows a pink nail, on which sits yellowish baby fingers grabbing on to a finger, that appears to be stuck on top of the real nail. The nail art looks more like gunk out of a freshly popped pimple - not good. 

The manicure is inspired by the first photo that Kylie posted a heartfelt picture of her baby on Instagram that shows Stormi holding on to her mum's thumb. Her tiny little fingers appear to be clasping tight. Kylie captioned the picture as "Stormi Webster 👼🏽" introducing her to the world. 

(Source: Instagram)

Reactions were unsurprising of utter shock and disgust. One user wrote, "Nay, oh my gosh..that looks like a skeleton hand..I applaud you for your great art skills but OH MY GOSH, that again."

Another one said, "This is why she went into hiding, so y’all wouldn’t do this shit" One user described the art as a mummification. "Ew looks like mummified maggots growing out of a decayed nail"

But this isn't the first time Nail Sunny has paid tribute to their apparent favorite Kardashian sister. 

They earlier recreated a pregnant Kylie on a manicure, with a big-bellied clay doll wearing an underwear. The manicure was inspired by Kylie's look in the video that she posted dedicated to Stormi. 





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