Indiana man fatally stabs son, 10, while arguing with wife, arrested after shootout that injured responding cop

Sgt. Nick Brubaker was immediately shifted to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries

                            Indiana man fatally stabs son, 10, while arguing with wife, arrested after shootout that injured responding cop
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WABASH, INDIANA: In a tragic incident that happened last Thursday, October 8, a father stabbed his son while having a heated argument with his wife. William Sendelbach also allegedly fired a shotgun at a cop when he arrived at the scene. The Sun reported that the 32-year-old accused was arguing with his wife, whose name has not been revealed, when he allegedly stabbed ten-year-old Kayden Sendelbach. The young boy later died after succumbing to his injuries at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Reports also stated that before cops arrived at the scene, a garbage truck driver had a very close terrifying encounter with William when he fired a shotgun at his truck while he was picking up a bin at the front of the home. But the firing did not hurt him.

But when Sgt. Nick Brubaker responded at the scene along with other police officers, William fired at him also, hitting him in the leg. Brubaker was immediately shifted to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Cops then fired at the suspect several times before taking him into custody, Indiana State Police said. William is currently receiving treatment at a hospital. Public Information Officer Sgt. Tony Slocum told The Sun: “It’s a tragic situation. It kind of boggles your mind why someone would allegedly stab a ten-year-old and then would want to shoot at police officers."

Indiana State Police also released a statement that read, “Last Thursday, detectives working from the Indiana State Police Peru Post initiated an investigation into a police officer-involved shooting and an alleged stabbing of 10-year-old Kayden Sendelbach. The purported stabbing has now turned into a murder investigation as Kayden died Saturday at 6:28 am. An autopsy is pending. The suspect in the police shooting, William Sendelbach, 32, is expected to survive his injuries.

“William Sendelbach was hit by multiple bullets when Wabash police officers returned fire because he was allegedly shooting a shotgun at them. Wabash Police Sergeant Nick Brubaker was hit in the leg with a round allegedly fired by Sendelbach. Brubaker is expected to make a full recovery."

In another incident, a father while facing a sentencing hearing for killing his six-year-old son by raping him with a stick was attacked by his stepson. The incident reportedly happened in March in Arkansas. The stepson of Mauricio Torres, Quinton Martin, allegedly attacked him while he was testifying against the 50-year-old. Martin told the court about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Torres as a child. While testifying, he jumped out of the stand and ran towards Torres. But he was soon caught by several law enforcement officers inside the courtroom. Benton County Prosecutor Nathan Smith said of the incident, "I think Mr. Martin frankly was heartbroken about it. It’s a hard thing for him, and I certainly cannot blame him for doing it.” Smith also stated that bringing Martin to testify before the court was a “last resort”. But the defense attorney said that this kind of commotion inside a court they have seen for the first time and it “cannot be unseen”.

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