After the ones in front of the camera decided to fuel the empowering #MeToo movement, the ones that usually shy away behind the scenes have also joined in. Afterall, there is perhaps no one better than this sect of professionals who understand the power of clothing. 

At the recent Costume Designer Guild Awards held on Tuesday, the designers stood in solidarity with the Time's Up and #MeToo movement and came in dressed in black. 

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Eminent costume designers who have worked in Hollywood blockbusters showed support and togetherness for the movement. Arianne Phillips, who was the designer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, stressed on the need for inclusion and equality.

"Time's up for equal pay. Time's up for inclusion of all women and marginalized people to be safe in the workplace," she said, before pointing out that their industry could easily change if women came together, reported LA Times. She said that the celebrations itself had 84 percent of female designers. 

In another empowering moment, Ane Crabtree who was given the award for excellence in contemporary television decided to be creative with her support. As she received the award for her work in Handmaid's Tale, she took off the gloves that covered her palms. She showed them to the audience revealing the messages Time's Up and #MeToo written in black ink in each palm. 

She added, "There's been an assault on women's rights. We are part of the change."

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This mutual good vibe continued in the air as actor Doug Jones handed over the Distinguished Collaborator award to director Guillermo del Toro. Speaking about the director on a very personal note, he remarked, "He loves stories where the voiceless and the invisible triumph and become the heroes," said the report.

Doug Jones, who worked with him for the 2018 Oscar nominee Shape of Water, where he played the part an amphibian.

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