Hugh Jackman may be one of the hottest Australians on the planet, and despite being nigh on 50, he still manages to make women all over the world swoon, be it as the hunky, ripped Logan in the Wolverine films, or as the dreamy, romantic P.T Barnum in The Greatest Showman.

Unfortunately, to his children, he's just a regular dad who's uncool and old. He posted a selfie on Twitter on February 20 with a filter that gave him bushy eyebrows and a matching mustache, making him the spitting image of The Simpsons' neighborly stick-in-the-mud Ned Flanders.

The caption that accompanied the picture read, "This is how my daughter sees me." He and his wife, Deborra-lee Furness, have two adopted children: Ava Eliot Jackman, 12, and Oscar Maximilian Jackman, 17. It is clear that despite being The Hugh Jackman to the world, he is just the dad who embarasses his kids at him. 

This is not the first time Hugh, who claimes to be "a big goofball" at home, has joked about being undermined by his children. He has revealed in the past that he used to make a living "as a clown at kids' parties for about three years." Carrying that baggage around can't be fun for any teen/tween. However, they make up for the embarassment by using his celebrity for their advantage. 

In an interview with Steve Harvey, Hugh discussed his son's hilarious attempt at dating, describing how when his son was 11 or 12, he took him to the beach, and noticed him chatting up a girl who was 14 or 15. He said, "Next thing I know, he's walking over with the girl to me... He says, "Dad, I told her you're Wolverine, just sign something, sign a photo, do whatever you gotta do."


Hugh expressed how weird the situation was, saying "I'm the wingman for my eleven-year-old." Clearly, his children are capable of acknowledging his appeal, but only when it works to their advantage.

However, when Hugh was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he described a conversation he overheard when Oscar was 13 and had a friend over who kept grilling him about Wolverine. Hugh was in the next room and heard his son tell his friend, "My dad is nothing like Wolverine. He is not tough, he is not cool. Don't ask me any more about it."

It looks his daughter, Ava, feels the same way, after that tweet. Hugh still is a pretty cool dad to have, considering he secured cameo roles for his children in some of his biggest movies, with his son making an appearance in Nicole Kidman-starrer Australia, and both his children having cameos in The Greatest Showman.

Don't worry, Hugh, we don't think you're old and uncool at all.

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