Howard Stern's criticism of Julie Chen could be a blow to all supporters of sexual offenders

In just another day at the Stern-Moonves war, Howard Stern preys on the CBS president's wife Julie Chen for quitting the show amid sexual allegations against husband Leslie Moonves

                            Howard Stern's criticism of Julie Chen could be a blow to all supporters of sexual offenders

When it comes to Leslie Moonves, Howard Stern always has something to say - specifically after the CBS president was allegedly accused of sexually abusing 12 women. Now that his wife, Julie Chen, has decided to quit 'The Talk', Stern has all the more reason to lash out at the man whose company filed a $500 million lawsuit against Stern almost 12 years ago. 

Let's just say that this isn't the first time that a wife has spoken up against the allegations that deem her husband to be a sexual offender. Woody Allen's adoptive daughter-turned-wife, Soon Yi Previn spoke out last Sunday during an interview with New York Magazine.

Addressing the renewed accusations by Dylan Farrow that Dylan’s adoptive father, Woody Allen, sexually molested her, Previn had claimed that the whole incident was "upsetting." Blaming Mia Farrow, she said, "[Mia] has taken advantage of the #MeToo movement and paraded Dylan as a victim. And a whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn’t.”


In fact, Dylan had also called out Cate Blanchett for continuing to work with the accused sexual assaulter. The actress, who had portrayed Bob Dylan in 'I'm Not There', was accused of naming her son after Roman Polanski, the director who was accused back in 1977 for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old. However, Blanchett wasn't the only one who idolized Polanski.

Kate Winslet was equally accused of working with Polanski, and for supporting Allen. Scarlett Johansson also got on the bandwagon supporting the director with whom she has worked on films like 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona'. 

In a way, Stern lashing out at both Moonves and Chen is like a blow on the faces of all celebrities who have stood by sexual offenders. A few months ago, Stern went on a 45-minute long ranting spree during an episode of his 'SiriusXM' radio show where he claimed, "Les tried to ruin my life". Stern recalled the incidents that took place almost 12 years ago when CBS filed a $500 million lawsuit against him stating that he had breached his contract with CBS when he did not open up about the details of his new deal with Sirius. At that time, Stern was still an employee at CBS Radio, and he had boldly promoted his own new gig while still on the air at CBS. In spite of giving a proper resignation to the company, Stern claimed that he was "socked" with the lawsuit. 


"How do you defend against a corporation? You know they have endless money to f--k with you with lawyers," Stern exclaimed at the time, adding: "I was so panicked because this is scary. ... I knew this was just some sort of bad, like, 'We're going to f--k with you because you're leaving us.' It's like a stalker who says, 'You know what? You left me, we broke up, but I'm going to f--k your life up.' And I didn't do jack sh-t to Les Moonves, except make him money, and I was pissed and upset and scared." However, over the years, Stern certainly has managed to avenge his loss.

Following the expose by the New Yorker, Stern seemed to take it upon himself to reveal Moonves' "true nature". He had earlier addressed Moonves as a "snake. He’s a snake in the grass….I hate him. I always have. He’s just a friggin’ snake in the grass….Big president of CBS, he’ll fall.” However, this time he pushed his revenge a little farther by lashing out at Moonves' wife, Julie Chen. Following her resignation in the midst of the sexual harassment allegations against her husband, Chen has also decided to step down from her role as the host on the network’s daytime 'Talk Show'. 

(Stern seems to have Twitter's support though)


Chen has always been in support of her husband's statements of innocence, and this is exactly what Stern hints at when he says, "Can you believe Julie sticking with him? What the f--k.” During the Tuesday morning show, Stern claimed that Chen's resignation is like an insult to the victims.

He too went on to complain about the Emmys failing to address the matter, He stated, "They talk about Me Too, but they don’t talk about Les. I mean, my goodness. That means they’re afraid of him...To not make a joke, one mention? The guy was uninvited 24 hours before the Emmys aired, and there’s no joke about Les Moonves. The Emmys should’ve talked about it a little bit.”