Houston couple ends up watching Las Vegas Democratic debate on third date, instead of having a jazz evening

The Black-Latino couple Michael Edwards and Kirby Avila said the November 3 election is crucial for the people of color

                            Houston couple ends up watching Las Vegas Democratic debate on third date, instead of having a jazz evening
Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Pete Buggigieg (Getty Images)

The ninth Democratic debate that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada was quite a noisy affair. The political event saw billionaire candidate Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City joining it and he found his rivals to be quite hostile. The likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were particularly ruthless while taking on the businessman-politician. 

However, even though not many supporters were impressed by the noisy debate in which a number of candidates were seen clashing with each other, a new couple in Houston landed among the spectators watching the debate in a beer bar. According to a report in NBC News, Michael Edwards and Kirby Avila, both aged 28, came to the bar to listen to the live jazz. But after ordering their drinks, they entered the area where many people were watching the debate and they joined in too. Edwards and Avila were on their third date and it was indeed a unique time for them to spend, amid political gunshots. 

Youth concerned with the November election

Edwards works as a nurse at a major hospital in Houston and is touched by America’s healthcare issue. He is a Sanders supporter as the Vermont senator is striving for universal healthcare. Avila, who works as a technician in chemical industry said she is still undecided but after seeing Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s performance which was quite electric, she could end up backing Warren.

Warren went after Bloomberg over the alleged mistreatment of women at his company besides speaking on his tax returns. Avila felt Warren is sharp and also backed the idea of having a woman at the helm. 

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke the most in the Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. She was particularly sharp against former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg (to her right) (Getty Images)

But why did they change their mind to attend a political debate when they had planned for a romantic outing? Edwards said the November 3 election is key for the colored people. Nevada and South Carolina, the two states that lined up for the primaries between February 22 and 29, have a big concentration of Hispanic and black people, respectively. Edwards himself is black while Avila is a Latina.

“There’s too much on the line,” Edwards was quoted as saying while Avila said, “Yeah. It's a good third date.”

There were other people who were far from impressed with the Democrats’ debate though. NBC cited Corey Harris, a stockbroker, who expressed his disappointment over the fact that he could not see any of the candidates on the Democratic stage emerge as a standout one. 

Barbara Gomez, a 40-something mother of four, felt the Las Vegas debate witnessed too much of mudslinging and though she liked Warren’s show, she was not sure if the Massachusetts senator would be able to win the November election.

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