Horse dies from sugar overdose after burglars feed her 20-kilo bag of carrots to keep her quiet during robbery

23-year-old Francesca Maples had to take the heartwrenching decision to put her horse down last week after she suffered from a sugar overload due to the actions of some robbers

                            Horse dies from sugar overdose after burglars feed her 20-kilo bag of carrots to keep her quiet during robbery

A horse has died after burglars stealing feed from her stable allegedly threw a large bag of carrots to her in a bid to keep her quiet during their robbery. Her 23-year-old owner, Francesca Maples of Leeds, West Yorkshire, had to take the difficult decision to put four-year-old Kamara down last week after the horse became seriously ill for more than three weeks following the burglary. 

According to a JustGiving page set up to help raise money that could help Maples pay the extensive vet bills racked up during her attempts to save Kamara, on the morning of January 19, the day after the robbery, she found the horse unwell in her stall.

The 23-year-old, who works as a stable hand at the yard, revealed she knew something was wrong when she found Kamara very lethargic and with swellings in her head and neck. She saw that a 20-kilo bag of carrots that had been full the previous night was now empty, and realized a sugar overload had caused the horse's intestinal lining to burn away.

Kamara was immediately rushed to the vets and the initial prognosis was positive and the horse was allowed to return home so she could be in a familiar environment. However, Maples had to take her to the vet multiple times over the next couple of weeks for tubing, blood transfusions, and 140 tablets a day, including steroids and antibiotics.

The horse was suffering from chronic diarrhea and edema — a condition where the fluid from the blood gathers at the lowest point and causes swelling — in her chest, her stomach, and in between her back legs.

By February 10, Kamara was too weak as the drugs were no longer having their desired effects and Maples took a decision to put the four-year-old horse down. She confirmed Kamara's passing in a Facebook post, writing, "The most heartbreaking decision of my life so far, but the right one. Watching you grow from a spindly 16-month-old baby to an absolute dream of a four-year-old, I could not have asked for a better horse."

"I’m so sorry this happened to you, we tried everything but sometimes what’s broken cannot be fixed," she continued. "At least your no longer in pain, and can go run free with your mum up there, she will look after you. Till we meet again little one, I love you, R.I.P. princess Kamara."

The thieves managed to get away with just "a few hundred pounds" of feed according to Maples. Her father, 58-year-old Darren, had a few choice words for them. "The people who have come in to do this just don't care," he said. "They have no remorse, no morals. My frustration is that through a lack of decency an animal has had to die and a young girl has to pay dearly. She has lost the one thing she cared for most, for nothing but their greed."