Donald Trump's insatiable appetite for McDonald's burgers and relative lack of exercise has sparked people's interest in the man's health. Despite all this, White House physician Dr Ronny Jackson, after having released full details of Donald Trump's first physical exam after taking office, has claimed the President is in excellent health.

Donald Trump is in excellent health. (Source: Getty)

"He has incredible genes, I just assume," Jackson told reporters, responding to questions on how he's managed to keep healthy. Trump also abstains from alcohol and smoking.

While Trump's cardiac risk is low, he was also screened for cognitive issues and Alzheimer's disease, both of those results which were shown in good light. 

While the President seems to be in a healthy condition, a few are concerned about his reported weight and height. For anyone curious to know, Trump is 75 inches tall (190.5 cm) and weighs 239 pounds (108 kg).

Trump and Homer weigh exactly the same. (Source: Wikipedia)

Trump's weight, however, did catch people's attention because it turns out he weighs just the same, pound to pound, as another extremely famous figure we are all aware of — Homer Simpson.

Looks like there is something more in common between the president and Homer than just a middle initial.

The Simpsons have gone out of their way to point out Homer's weight in numerous situations. (Source: Pinterest)

The writers of Simpsons have gone out of their way on numerous occasions to point out Homer's weight. In the episode 'Homer's Night Out,' season one, which first aired in 1990, Homer is shown stepping onto his weighing scale in the bathroom which reveals his weight to be 239 pounds.

“Oh no!” Homer exclaims, after seeing his weight. “Two-hundred-and-thirty-nine pounds! I’m a whale! Why was I cursed with this weakness for snack treats?”

Trump weighs 239 pounds exactly as much as Homer does. (Source: Getty)

In an episode called 'Brush with Greatness,' part of season two, Homer comes to the realization that he has put on some weight and vows to shed few pounds. After undergoing a successful exercise routine, Homer steps onto the weighing scale (it might interest one to know, the scale was different from the one shown on 'Homer's Night Out'), which reveals his weight to be somewhere between 235 and 240 pounds.

Homer then goes on to tell his wife Marge that he weighs 239 pounds and feels just fine. 

“Oh no!” Homer exclaims, after seeing his weight. “Two-hundred-and-thirty-nine pounds! I’m a whale! Why was I cursed with this weakness for snack treats?” (Source: Pinterest)

Much later during season 7, another episode was released called 'King Size Homer,' where Homer tries to reach a target weight of 300 pounds in order for him to qualify as disabled so as to be able to work from home. While they don't show the scales in this episode, Homer does go on to mention that he needs to add an extra 61 pounds to reach his target. This again confirms the fact that he weighed 239 pounds.

So, well here we are. Homer and Trump weigh exactly the same. While this doesn't mean anything, it is an interesting coincidence for sure. 

While they both weigh the same, there are several other things that are common between Donald Trump and Homer Simpson.

1. They both want to build a wall

In an episode that was aired by The Simpsons, residents of a neighboring town called Ogdenville move into Springfield. Angered by the increase in population, Homer rounds up residents of Springfield and builds a gigantic wall to divide the two towns and keep the outsiders away. 

2. They both need a change of hairstyle

Though The Simpsons so generously bestowed upon Trump, a wave of flocky smooth hair, it is not something one should be fooled by. There are numerous jokes about Trump's hair where some call it the deal with the devil. Though we are sure if it ever came to choosing between Trump's mane and Homer's, it would be a difficult choice indeed. 

3. They have the same facial palette

Source: Getty

There are memes on the internet that portray Donal Trump as an orange. It is pretty obvious that the man has an unnatural tone to his skin. Trump would fit right into The Simpsons. In the sense, he doesn't have to be a cartoon figure to fit in. Just his actual real-life face would perfectly blend in with The Simpsons.

4. Neither of them has a clue as to what they're doing

It is fair to say that Homer Simpson has no idea what he's doing at work, demonstrated by him shoving pencils into his ears during a shift at the nuclear power plant. 
Here is a quote as reported by Forbes, from an interview with Donald Trump in response to the questions proposed about his health care reforms: “It’s going to be a private plan and people are going to be able to go out and negotiate great plans with lots of different competition with lots of competitors with great companies and they can have their doctors, they can have plans, they can have everything.”

Doesn't that sound like a student coming up with an excuse for not doing his homework?

5. They both hate liberals

Trump has always despised liberals, presumably because he hasn't given much thought to them while he remains too busy counting all his money. Homer also hates liberals for their campaign to grant Nasa the right to ‘abort’ space missions at any time.

6. They both have no necessary credentials

Source: Twitter

To put it lightly, Donald Trump has the same professional credentials required to run the United States as Homer Simpson has to work at the Nuclear Power Plant. 

Homer works at the power plant and all is good. He has no idea how he ended up there, but now he's got to run with it. He sits down, looks at his buttons, and presses random things until suddenly the Power Plant is just a radiated crater in the ground. Here, the power plant is America and Homer is Trump.

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